Love Yourself: From Your Head to Your Toes


I just hugged a friend goodbye** with tears and said, “I’m so glad I met you.”

She answered, “I’m gladder.”

Then through a runny nose and more tears, I said “Oh baby, that there is a blog post.”

Here’s what: I’m gladder about my belly. Have you ever looked at your body and thought unkind thoughts? Critical things? Wished for someone else’s?

I became a Belly Love Warrior. That’s all right, don’t freak out. You don’t have to be a warrior, but you can think about a day when you look in the mirror and you smile. You have loving thoughts–even loving words. We’ve all seen animals and humans who are treated unkindly, even abused. It shows up in how they look and act.

As I got dressed for my son’s first communion, I changed no less than five times. And I made a commitment to talk to myself like a best friend. “You’re going to find a great outfit, sweetie. I promise you.” And I did.

That scenario, could have gone very differently.

You know why it went well? Because I signed up for Belly Love. It’s free! And you’re a lucky duck because Belly Love Day is June 21—that’s Father’s Day and it’s for guys too. You’ll get:

  1. An mp3 audio recording of a belly love practice
  2. Activities to do yourself and/or with family and friends
  3. Belly Love Recipes
  4. An opportunity to participate in a Google+ Hangout with Belly Love creator Jen Young
  5. Connection to the community of other Belly Love Day participants and more.

Sign up here. Even if you’re busy that day, you can sign up and enjoy these wonderful goodies.

I have to confess, I don’t even think I did it that well the first time. I had no discipline about it. I didn’t even open the emails in a logical fashion. But I did tell my belly every day (when I remembered), “I love you.”

When I felt like it, I listened to Jen’s meditation. I learned a lot about nutrition for my gut and about spiritual practices that were completely new to me.

And I’m going to do it again. You know why?

Because there’s real science behind it. You are made up of matter, in fact, we are all 70% water! Here’s an interview with Dr. Masaru Emoto about his study of water resonance. He illuminates the effects of positive and negative words on water. To learn more about his research visit Dr. Masaru Emoto’s site. (Here’s a free children’s book explaining the process with his actual photos of the water under various conditions.)

**I mentioned saying goodbye to a friend as I’m in the midst of manifesting one of the biggest dreams of my life and moving across country. So you can bet that I need to make sure I’m nice and loving to myself while packing and saying goodbye to so many loved ones. Who has time to look in the mirror and think negative things? It’s so much easier to say “You look amazing!”

And though I’m no expert on chakras (our energy centers), I can tell you that the 3rd chakra is located just above the belly button, the sacral center. It’s known as the seat of our power. It needs to flow up to the heart chakra. You know how sometimes you might have indigestion or digestive issues? That’s the seat of your power. Imagine, if you loved up that part of your body—above and below the belly button. At 70% water, how do you think your cells might respond? Do you think you might feel more confident? Even more powerful?

Go ahead and join me: take this chance, for free, to treat yourself kindly.

Love your belly.

Love yourself.

You’ll feel better from your head to your toes!


Me & My Beautiful Belly

PS: Feel free to tag your posts on Belly Love Day and beyond with #bellyloveday or #bellyloverevolution