Let’s Do this: #88WriterlyDays + #88MysticAthleteDays

Greetings friends! I hope this moment finds you content.  And if not, may these words and the video below bring some joy to your heart!

Today I’m starting #88WriterlyDays — working everyday for 25 minutes on the sequel to The Amazing Adventures of Selma Calderon. And, many of you know about the Mystic Athlete way of life which I have had fun creating. I’m also launching #88MysticAthleteDays with a commitment to 25 minutes of movement per day.

And just to make it all a bit more magical, I’ve added #88DaysofEverydayMagic. Why? Well, that’s an invitation to notice the beautiful bits of life and the synchronicities that signal all of the good coming your way. It’s also a chance to create your own plan for the next 88 days or whatever works for you.

Want to nap more? Make a plan for three times per week. How about three distraction-free meals per week? Or maybe once a week, you’ll pick a home project and knock if off the list. By late November, we will celebrate! You can follow my writerly adventures on Instagram here and my Mystic Athlete adventures here.

In the video I mentioned, the documentary I created from my awesome writer’s retreat on Orcas Island. You can watch it here. I also mentioned that I am obsessed with the podcast of 88 Cups of Tea. It helps me to stay super motivated to keep writing. I also recently chose to become a patron of her platform. Finally, my experience with the work of Ho’omalamalama Brown and her Walk Inn Beauty mastermind has helped me to create 48 ideas for working on my book during the next 88 days.

Also, I promised to share some of the inspiring folks who keep me moving. Here they are:








May the next 88 days be filled with magic and grace! And no matter when you read this, the invitation stands. Join me, quietly or share it with friends, family or the world! If you choose the latter, let me know!