Ways to be Unbroken

These are the ways to be unbroken
let naps sneak into your days off

doze for even a few minutes 

or let rest be a stillness snuggled with your eyes open and your ears peeled for divine noticing
Let music tickle a memory

roller skating

tug of war

jumping in the lake

let music create new memories

walk with it
Be your own superhero 

You are a human lie detector

The best french fry eater

A stealth listener weaving stories from the unassuming characters in your novel yet to be written

Taste salt like a soft pretzel

Wipe the snot from your upper lip

Talk to yourself in your head like you talk to your best friend
Find a new best friend if you need one

You will find one with the step above 

Wiping your own tears and snot and sadness and despair with love, tenderness and compassion

is like personal training for new friend finding 
Cook and eat 

or just eat

the foods that make your heart sing and skip a beat

the Reuben

sautéed spinach with garlic and pine nuts

chocolate pudding 

peanut butter
Go barefoot on grass

ask a tree if you can sidle up and lean for a moment or just touch both hands

plug in and charge your cells

before charging your cell