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Rebecca Villarreal

Entrepreneur, Author, Visionary

Entrepreneur – Design a Life & Live It.

Work with Rebecca to move forward on a goal or create a new approach to your daily life. 

In two 90-minute sessions, flesh out the vision and the elements of plan that you own and implement. For pricing, details and the origin story of why she offers these sessions, check out the Work With Me page or read the description below.

With deep experience in the non-profit and for-profit sectors, Rebecca has served as  a director of communications and marketing, grants manager, account supervisor and community organizer. She graduated Magna Cum Laude from Georgetown University where she worked two jobs most of the time to help finance her education. A lifelong learner, she’s a B-School graduate and the recipient of a Right-Brainers in Business Premium Group scholarship. Rebecca is a practicing yogini and a member of The Mystic’s Society.

She works with clients who would like crystalize their vision and create a plan including incremental measurable and practical steps. Her pragmatic approach, steeped in strategic business planning as well as the deep intuitive work of modern mysticism is a powerful combination in helping clients achieve the best versions of the lives they desire and design. To learn more, send an email to rebeccainspiresnow@gmail.com or check out her origin story in the Secrets from the Olive Grove post. Each of the two 90-minute session is $200 with targeted additional support via email and/or text.

“Dinner Party/Lunch or Brunch Sessions” can also be scheduled for groups of 4 or less who would like strategic life design and planning support in one or two 90-minute sessions. This allows for a group of friends to provide ongoing connection and accountability around their respective visions and plans.

Author – rebeccavillarreal.com

Rebecca Villarreal is the author of The Amazing Adventures of Selma Calderóna globetrotting magical mystery of courage, food and friendship. Based in Chicago, readers of all ages travel with Selma and her best friend Hurley, to Uganda’s Bwindi Impenetrable Forest, Paris, Granada and Orcas Island. Selma’s insatiable curiosity leads her to experiment with her growing magical powers, defeat a bully, and unravel the mystery of her missing parents. Read the positive reviews on amazon and Good Reads.  (Scroll to the bottom to read advance reviews.) 5% of net profits go to Teaching for Change.

Check out the feature on her novel in The Huffington Post as well as her KCSB FM radio interview here and here. (Skip to the first two minutes to get to the interview.) She was also one of a select group of writers and artists to stay at Drop Out on Orcas to work on her second novel. You can view an inside look at this time writing in the woods with no cell or Internet by viewing the video documentary here.

As an author and entrepreneur based in California, Rebecca has climbed with mountain gorillas in Uganda, listened to seals snort on Orcas Island, felt the spirits at the Alhambra in Spain, and eaten countless baked goods in Paris. She’s a big believer in the magic of everyday life. A seasoned writer and artist, Rebecca has been published in multiple literary journals for more than twenty years as well as news outlets including  The Washington Post and The Chicago Tribune.

Creator, Mystic Athlete Manifesto

Producer, Mystic Athlete TV

This channel is a way to track Rebecca in her transformational journey. She will share heart, body, mind and soul tools and tips in brief videos. You can also follow her on BeAMysticAthleteTV on Instagram.

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For more on my novel

Here’s what readers say about The Amazing Adventures of Selma Calderón:

“In ‘The Amazing Adventures of Selma Calderon,’ I stepped into a magical world where I could feel the characters’ emotions. Excited, nervous, and always wanting to know what would happen next, this was a book I did not want to put down.” –Diego Esparza, 7th grade

“Rebecca Villarreal’s middle school novel uses magic realism to capture the attention of young readers while introducing people and places of note — from the poet Lucille Clifton to the Alhambra in Spain. Every child who has wished they could use magic to travel (and who hasn’t?) will enjoy seeing the world with Selma Calderon, especially when she skips class to time travel to do research for a school assignment. ‘The Amazing Adventures of Selma Calderon’ taps all the senses with aromas and tastes of chilaquiles in Chicago and chocolate croissants in Paris, the light and colors of the Alhambra, and the sounds of poetry at home. In an age appropriate way, the reader also sees Selma deal with a range of emotions from happiness with her friend Hurley to grief at the loss (possibly abandonment) of her parents.” –Deborah Menkart, Executive Director, Teaching for Change

“I really liked Selma. She reminds me of myself! I’m always curious and wanting to know more. I liked the whole magic and adventure thing.” –Susana Cardenas, 6th grade

“I really liked your book! All the places that Selma went sound very interesting. I really like that Selma and Guadey have magic powers. I think it was cool that you added those reports about countries because a lot of kids have to do reports in school. I like that you added Amelia in your book. You did a wonderful job.” –Amelia Hoch, 3rd grade

Author photo by Tim Arroyo.

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