Let’s Design a Life & Live It…


Work with Rebecca to design the life you want and actually live it! 

Check out this 4-minute #BroadcastFromTheBeach for a quick overview of how it works and read the short description below.

In two 90-minute sessions, flesh out the vision and the elements of plan that you own and implement.

With deep experience in the non-profit and for-profit sectors, Rebecca has served as a director of communications and marketing, grants manager, account supervisor and community organizer. She graduated Magna Cum Laude from Georgetown University where she worked two jobs most of the time to help finance her education. A lifelong learner, she’s a B-School graduate and the recipient of a Right-Brainers in Business Premium Group scholarship. Rebecca is a practicing yogini and a member of The Mystic’s Society.

She works with clients who would like crystalize their vision and create a plan including incremental measurable and practical steps. Her pragmatic approach, steeped in strategic business planning as well as the deep intuitive work of modern mysticism is a powerful combination in helping clients achieve the best versions of the lives they desire and design. To learn more, send an email to or check out her origin story in the Secrets from the Olive Grove post. Each 90-minute sessions costs $200 with targeted additional support via email. Normally, clients select two 90-minute sessions.

“Dinner Party/Lunch or Brunch Sessions” can also be scheduled for groups of 4 or less who would like strategic life design and planning support in one or two 90-minute sessions. This allows for a group of friends to provide ongoing connection and accountability around their respective visions and plans.