A Mystic Athlete is someone who uses intuition and everyday magic to live in the world with energy and strength, knowing when to yield and when to take action. I created the approach a few years ago and developed the following Mystic Athlete Manifesto:

I pledge to:

1. Love up every curve; Wonder at, and embrace my gorgeous belly.

2. Delight in the delicious; Let a healthy bit of sensual pleasure heal me.

3. Cultivate my warrior.

4. Quiet the spirit when the soul is calling.

5. Draw, write and create a life full of color.

6. Dance under wild lights.

7. Listen to my intuitive body and train with all my Mystic power, including relishing rest.

8. Invite and embrace affluence in all its forms.

9. Trust in the journey including the divine detours.

10. Allow, allow and keep allowing – begin a love affair with the act of not knowing.

You can read more about the origin story here and here. You can follow my Mystic Athlete adventures on Instagram @beamysticathletetv and on YouTube.