Clean the Lint Screen of Your Heart

Hello there,

Do you like cleaning the lint screen in the dryer? I love it. It is liking wiping the slate clean every single time. I recorded the Broadcast from the Beach below for you and though I don’t talk about lint, it is a journey in starting fresh.

Grab a cup of tea, coffee or hot chocolate or a glass of something delicious — even water, and join me for 10 minutes as we explore:

  1. How to release the hard stuff from the past year. I used a powerful tool from Maya Shaw Gale.
  2. A concrete way to release grief from your body. I also found this helpful article about grief and the physical body by from What’s Your Grief by two mental health professionals.
  3. How to find the gifts in the trials and thoughts on rewiring the brain to encourage you to be more kind, gentle and forgiving of yourself.
  4. Picking a theme or word and figuring out how you would like to feel in 2019. I reference Danielle LaPorte’s Desire Map approach of selecting your Core Desired Feelings. There is also a free graphic maker which allows you to create a printable version as well as wallpaper for your phone and computer.

I hope this video helps you say goodbye to what no longer serves you and provides comfort and love as you move into next year. If you would like additional support, there are some free meditations and poems on my Soundcloud page.

May you wrap up 2018 with the knowledge that you are divinely directed and protected.  Trust in the journey! The world needs you!

You are so lovable


You are so lovable

As I sit here in the dark of morning

Please remember

Whatever you didn’t get done

doesn’t matter

what matters is that you woke up today

breath in lungs

with the sweet truth that

you matter

we need you

and still

we need you to take it easy

hone your skills in


love the “no” as we move into

can you

will you

you’re invited

say yes to quiet



“Is this what I really want?”

see a tree

really see a tree

and wonder

how it keeps going

roots down drinking

even sometimes bumping up sidewalks

in the name of growth

leaves change, shed and hide

waiting for a season to call them forth

take it easy now

wait for your season

time for the wintering

and the remembering