Easy steps for healing + cultivating your own magic

I have been wanting to write to you for some time. You may have caught my post about the Mystic Athlete manifesto and the decision to commit to 80 days of any one of the following:

Movement of the Body

Intentional Rest

Handwritten note to someone

Well, today is day 78 of 80.

And it’s remarkable that I stuck with it. What I’m learning when called to do something like this, is to listen and take action.

The Mystic Athlete manifesto I “downloaded” and created about 18 months ago is below.

I pledge to:

1. Love up every curve; Wonder at, and embrace my gorgeous belly.

2. Delight in the delicious; Let a healthy bit of hedonism heal with sensual Mystic pleasure.

3. Cultivate my warrior.

4. Quiet the spirit when the soul is calling.

5. Draw, write and create a life full of color.

6. Dance under wild lights.

7. Listen to my intuitive body and train with all my Mystic power, including relishing rest.

8. Invite and embrace affluence in all its forms.

9. Trust in the journey including the divine detours.

10. Allow, allow and keep allowing – begin a love affair with the act of not knowing.

If you’re still wondering what being a Mystic Athlete means, basically, it’s a magical bad-ass.

But what does that mean?

The short answer is that a Mystic Athlete uses intuition and magic to thrive in everyday life.

When you thrive, you heal. When you heal, it contributes to the greater good – or what my fellow mystics call, “the collective.”

All of us have intuition. Some of us trust it more than others. And in my case, I can see and read things in people and signs. This helps in business, my personal life and with clients.

One client recently commented, “You have such a matter of fact way of saying things to me which are caring and yet also push me to do the things I want and need to do.”

That’s what I hope my writing will do for you. Or even the idea of being a Mystic Athlete or your own kind of magical being.

I can see some of my more practical readers (who love me), thinking, “Um, Rebecca, I do not aspire to be a unicorn.”

I know. And to that end, I have a new gift for you. Have you heard of Ryan Holiday? He spoke at the World Domination Summit which I attended last month in Portland. (It’s a conference of world-changers focused on adventure, service and community.)

Ryan Holiday, among other things, focuses on the work of the stoics. Think Aristotle, Plato and Marcus Aurelius. You can find lots of interviews with him online.

What’s interesting about his work to me in all my mystic wonder, is that everything so far seems based on reason. It’s been a wonderful counterbalance to my powerful emotions and intuition. It doesn’t mean that I stop following my intuition. It almost gives me a boost, an extra secret (unexpected) tool as I navigate the—at times—harrowing world of what it is to love so much.

I have been heartbroken these last months by the hardship of a family member, the illness of dear friends and family members, the act of the U.S. government treating children like animals and keeping them in cages apart from their families and the continued ingrained racism in America as evidenced (yet again) by the lack of reporting of the murder of Nia Long last weekend.

So what can I do to:

Make people well

Free the children

Create racial equity and social justice

While still:

Working full-time to support my family

Raising my son

Nurturing my marriage

Taking care of myself

Cleaning (or pretending to clean) my bathroom

Paying my bills

If there is one thing that being evacuated four times in four months taught me, it is:

You can’t control anything. Give up on trying.

So then what?



So with this dear reader, I am sharing what I am doing in this world to heal it and myself:

1. Practicing silence and reason: I actually keep my mouth shut and count silently in my head before responding to many people and situations. This helps with the act of “non-reactivity.” And it is so renewing. It’s an energy management tool that is now an essential part of taking care of my health.

2. Writing: I am working on the sequel to The Amazing Adventures of Selma Calderon with a new sense of personal adventure and commitment. And I know this book will create joy and healing in the world.

3. Laughing: it’s quite simple, really.

4. Allowing: My download for that big eclipse last year — which was reaffirmed during the eclipse this week was “Allow, allow and keep allowing.” Basically, get out of the way. Let people be themselves and stop trying to manage everything. I fail at this every single day and yet I still show up and create a new chance for that space every day.

5. Trusting my own magic: I pull oracle cards, meditate in my backyard and artist studio, connect with fellow mystics and friends, and learn more and more every day just by listening deeply.

There’s more, but that’s enough for now. Thanks for hanging out with me for a bit. I invite you to reflect on what your daily endeavors can do to heal you and help the world. Daily gratitude, picking up litter, charitable donations, calling a friend in need or even taking a nap can all be radical acts of courage.

If you want help with clarifying your dreams and taking action steps to support those dreams, or if you would like a short consult session with oracle or tarot pulls, check out my “Work with me” page and send me an email at rebeccainspiresnow@gmail.com.

Leap with me. If we fall, we can get back up and try again.

With love,