Get ready: Peace in your heart, mind, body + spirit

Hello My Loves!

I am so happy and excited to share a number of resources that have been lifting me up lately. For the first time, I feel the deepest peace in my heart in every aspect of my life.  Do I still have concerns? Yes. Do I struggle with confidence and self-doubt? Yes. And at the base, under all of it, I finally get that I am divinely directed and protected.

My Mystic Athlete journey has helped me along the way. You can read about that here and here.  Throughout the process, I have encountered some bright lights.

Perhaps you are in the same peaceful space in your heart. If yes, hoorah! If no, I promise that it is possible. To that end, here are some resources and amazing humans to inspire you.

RESOURCE #1 – Free 5-Day Body Confidence Course

First, I invite you to join me on a free five-day journey called “The Confidence Code” focused on body confidence by Strength and nutrition coach and truthteller, Chrissy King.

Sign up for The Confidence Code which starts September 3 here. You can learn more about Chrissy here and follow her on Instagram here.  I am not an affiliate in any way–just an excited participant! Chrissy kindly agreed to answer three intuitive questions which I sent to her. Enjoy her thoughtful answers.

What does having body confidence bring into your life? As someone who spent years of my life obsessing about the way my body looks, I know how much it drains you energetically. When I was spending all of my time hyper focused on how I looked and connecting that with worth, I didn’t have any energy left to create magic in the world.  I couldn’t think of the life that I actually wanted to create for myself because my dislike of my body wreaked turmoil on my mental health.

When I let go of the notion that my worthiness was derived from my external appearance, I found the freedom and liberation to fall in love with me.  It was only then that I developed the ability to feel confident in my skin and to step into my power.  I knew I was worthy to #TakeUpSpace.
What would you say to people who believe they don’t have time to prioritize fitness and their health? I think we prioritize whatever is important to us.  Prioritizing your health and fitness doesn’t mean spending hours in the gym or on meal prep.  It can mean choosing to take a 15 or 20 minute walk three days a week, taking the stairs instead of the elevator, or choosing to drink more water each day.  Oftentimes, the fitness industry makes people feel like we have to take an all or nothing approach to our health, and that’s simply not true or practical.  Small, incremental actions add up and making choices that help us to feel more nourished, energized, and whole don’t have to be drastic to be beneficial.
What are some small, concrete incremental steps that readers can take to increase their body confidence? While body confidence is a process, I think there are some small, concrete steps that anyone can implement in their day to day lives.

1) Resist the urge to make disparaging comments about your body.  Seek for body neutrality as a first step.

2) Embrace the things that you love about yourself and be unapologetic about it.  It’s okay to say that you love your smile or your hair or how great a writer you are.  Own those things unapologetically.

3) Take a social media break and/or unfollow accounts who make you feel bad yourself or like you need to ‘change’ or ‘fix’ something.

RESOURCE #2 – A Powerful Approach to Language
Dani Katz’s book, The New P* Handbook: Little Language Hacks for Big Change as well as her wealth of resources on her website and Instagram.  I have only just started the book and already feel an impact. Her approach to quantum languaging helps you use high frequency words to elevate your life. Yup.

RESOURCE #3 – Naps. 

The Nap Ministry – check them out on Instagram or Facebook.  And here’s a recent article about their work. As you know, I am a huge fan of naps. In fact, a major part of my Sunday, in addition to my super groovy church, was built around a luxurious nap.
RESOURCE #4 – A Magical Dog

south_the_chihuahua — you can follow him here.

A certain person whom I love dearly is managing this account. As one of my followers put it, “I’m happy to follow cute dogs! The posts make my day brighter!” If you would like some furry light in your life, please do follow @south_the_chihuahua

RESOURCE #5 – You are loved meditation

I recorded this 8 minute 48 second “You are loved” meditation while standing under the moonlight in the Pacific Ocean. It’s in a Dropbox link so that you can download it to a playlist and listen even when offline. Additional meditations and poems can be found on my Soundcloud page. (Photo by Eric Witsoe in Poznan, Poland on Unsplash)

And remember to follow me on Instagram @beamysticathletetv.

I wish you continued inspiration, joy and peace in that bold beautiful heart of yours!