Thank you and Happy 3rd Birthday to Selma!

Thank you my wonderful readers for all of the support throughout the last three years since The Amazing Adventures of Selma Calderón was published on 8/8!

In honor of the book’s 3rd birthday, I wanted to invite you to join me in doing three things this week:

1. Please share the book with someone who might enjoy it! Here’s a link:

3. Offer a gesture of kindness to someone to sprinkle some magic into their day!

Let me know how your celebration goes in the comments!

And if you want to listen to the first couple chapters of Selma, click here and here.

And my website, radio interview, Huff Post article and documentary are fun ways to connect to the story as well.

I have about 75% of the sequel [hand]written! And thanks to Canadian Author Sarah Selecky’s Six Weeks, Six Senses free writing opportunity, I am reenergized to finish the book by January 31, 2019!

I hope you continue to find magic in the pages of Selma and in your everyday life. Look for it in the tiny details! Cucalacas!