Where’s your shadow? Where’s your light?

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Greetings and Happy Equinox*! Today we are lucky to have light and dark in equal measure. That’s had me thinking about our own shadows and those of others. What happens when someone irritates you? What can you do with that feeling to move out of it and on to bigger and better things? This 5-minute video sheds some light on that! We are heading into Spring here in the Northern Hemisphere and it’s a time to start fresh. What might we do to raise our awareness and be who we want to be?

During the video I refer to a few resources you might enjoy. Of course, even more came into life since I made the video! So here goes:

  1. Just Be You: If you’re human, and sometimes compare yourself to others, you might like Christine Kane’s recent post: How to End the Personal Hell of Comparing Yourself to Others.
  2. Kuan Yin Course: I mentioned the meditations I’m doing in the morning which have helped me to go a lot easier on myself. The course, created by Lynn Louise Wonders, consists of a book of 108 meditations and a facilitated private Facebook group. This link gives an overview of Kuan Yin as well in case you’re interested.
  3. Clean, Clear and Complete: For Healthy Communication: This radio show by Maria Caruso Rodriguez blew my mind. I’ve pasted the episode description below. It’s about an hour long so bookmark it if you don’t have time now. She takes her experience with a building contractor and shares her own failures in communication, which she couldn’t even see herself. She needed friends and colleagues to help her see how she was communicating in a shaming and condescending way. The show covers much more than this instance, but I share it because Maria is a therapist and healer and honestly, I never think of her as being “that way.” But what she points out is that many times we don’t even know we’re doing it! We can all learn from each other. I encourage you to make time to listen while commuting, doing dishes, or just take a walk with her and listen on your phone. It’s a complete game changer. Check out the show by clicking here.

Here’s the episode description: Have you ever had an argument with someone and tried to talk about it later, only to get into it all over again? Have you ever had an email exchange go terribly wrong? What about dreading a confrontation of some kind, doubting that you’ll be able to express yourself well and get to some resolution? There are some very specific things we can learn to do and to not do that could serve to avoid these conflicts and impasses in all types of business and personal relationships, or at the very least diffuse things significantly. There are many gifts waiting for us and for our relationships as we learn to use this Clean, Clear and Complete way more and more. One gift being that the process of getting to communicating in this way actually helps us shift inside, to a more peaceful state, a state where effective exchanges and healthy relationships can exist.

That’s it for now. Keep loving—yourself and others. This is how we are going to change the world. Happy Spring!

*To learn more about the Equinox and what a great chance it is to establish new patterns, check out this post by Chani Nicholas.

Bouncing Back: How did you get your smooth parts?


We all have memories: some good, some not so good. Did you ever think about how some of the knocks have helped you develop a portion of the skills and talents you have today? I have great memories of playing on my porch: pots and pans and Charlie’s Angels. There was Double Dutch in the middle of the street. There were holiday rituals with my mom and there was wall ball with my cousins. Then there are other pieces that have actually equipped me to live the best life I can possibly live in this skin right now.  I’ve come up with a metaphor to help us all appreciate ourselves in the present. I hope you enjoy this 3:42 seconds of love—because you are an amazing human being. I smile when I think of you reading these words and watching this. May you sink in and receive the knowledge that you are LOVED.