How to be loved

Today I want to give thanks to the lineage of women who came before me. They are cheering me on because I am free. And I am bowing in deep gratitude to mother earth.

And today is HARD for a majority of people who have experienced loss, abuse, neglect and trauma.

If you count yourself among them, take a rest today. Allow yourself to dream deeply into a mama bear hug because you are loved far and wide. And you have everything you need inside of you.


From Tosha Silver’s “The Wild Offering Oracle Deck”

At the top and bottom of this post are photos from my 50th birthday party. It was the kind of chill, loving gathering that fulfilled all of my wishes. And for that I am forever grateful to the loving people in my life who made it possible.

In a birthday conversations with my close friend, Morocco B. Assouline of Coalesce Creative Consultants, he asked me what’s next for how I’m going to be in the world and the answers are in the video.

I also think you might be interested in a talk I gave recently called, “Transforming Trauma into Joy: How to Show up in the Face of Grief.” There’s an adapted form of the speech on my new Resources page. And remember this piece of advice from my other birthday conversation with my good friend Amheric Miguel Hall:

Be good to yourself.

Be good to yourself.

Be good to yourself.

And from me: Have a beautiful day! You are loved here, there and everywhere!