Your secret is safe with me


Your secret is safe with me

In the dark of your wake up

here is what the whispers want you to know:

Everything you need is inside of you

We are here for you

The divine runs through you

Your freedom grows when you rest

[from the ridicule of your own harsh judgement]

You are exactly where you need to be

The pain holds hands with joy

skipping you into sovereignty

You are royal

Pretend this is true until it runs through you pulsing with every breath

Until your mind releases the anxiety of a life of doing

Keep trusting

Keep believing

You are loved

Every moment of every day

And we are cheering you on

For this day is another with breath in your lungs

Above dirt

Meet us at the water’s edge

Stick your toes in

Race the waves


Joy + Pastries + Poems!

Hello and Happy Mardi Gras!

Here’s a sweet 3-minute video with some love and below that, POETRY!

And below that, MEDITATION!

And below that, a longer video about how I rung in my new year on March 1, 2019 and how you can start fresh whenever you want. There are some helpful nuggets in there about grief as well.


Earthworm Magic

You can listen to this poem here.

Let go

of the let down

Let go

of what you thought you wanted

who she is

who he is

who you are

Let the broken-hearted brokenness

sink into the earth

compost the

I am alone

I have to control it

I can handle it

Let the earthworms have it

Let it get dark, moist and messy


There are seeds

waiting to grow

You don’t know what they will bring

Kale confusion

Lettuce lovelorn

Tomato truth

This is the upside down of surrender

So scary to move away from what we know

even when all the knowing

so far has made a soup of solitary sadness behind your everyday

Let go

There is a vast green rolling hill

Walk toward it

Then pick up the pace

Feel the sun on your hair

That breeze has gone in your nostrils

Now your lungs know a new breath

Up, up, up the hill until you reach that tree

You’ll know it when you see it

The roots have a little clubhouse entry

Go ahead and rest inside

The moss is soft and just right

Take a nap

Heal your heart

When you wake

You have a chance to let go again

Wiggle your toes

Remember the breeze

Trust your heart with this new moment


Seeds are sprouting

Guess the Direction of Your Heart

You can listen to this poem here.

Guess the direction of your heart

go ahead

it is North

straight into the unknown

for it’s in the stars

where confusion spirals into mythic battles

Perseus severs Medusa’s head

it’s all snakes and despair

until you hop the moon

to Gemini

and the twins ride the rainbow

straight into your broken pieces

mending them again

so the empty missing

is filled with




and that sweet song of longing

reaching for the hand

lids down


Go ahead

it’s worth it

you’ll bounce back

like playground dodgeball

straight between the eyes

bonking your intuition

into submission

it’s called love, baby

And here is the link to the #40KindsofKindness meditation.

Finally, if you have had a rough start to the year, I am sharing how I rung in my New Year on March 1 in this video.