Thank you! I won the Right Brainers in Business scholarship!

Rebecca celebrates winning scholarship for Premium Pass

I just found out at noon today that I won a scholarship for the Premuim Pass level of the Right Brainers in Business. Thank you Jennifer Lee! Visit to learn more. There are still two days of speakers to go. Today’s speaker was Charlie Gilkey whose business is “helping organizations start finishing the stuff that matters.” The is a wonderful way to explore business planning in a completely creative way. THANK YOU to all of you who gave me the love and positive energy to apply for the scholarship. I will use these resources for my day job and my dream turned reality of publishing my novel. If you have a dream, even what you would consider a small dream, DECLARE IT, SHARE IT and ask for support. It does wonders for your courage quotient!

16 thoughts on “Thank you! I won the Right Brainers in Business scholarship!

  1. R.,! Congratulations! Elation! Jumping Joy! I saw your text and am really really happy for you. Check your email, when you get a chance.


  2. Rebecca, of course, you know I think you’re amazing. You have been a CONSTANT inspiration to me. And, I already KNOW that your novel is amazing. You totally deserve this and the world deserves to experience your work!!!! Hurrah to Selma’ Hurley and Guadey!!!!!! It’s time the world met them!!!!

    Love, Victor

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