Trapping Leprechauns

My six-year-old has been assigned to create a Leprechaun Trap.  The final plan resulted in filling a container with Lucky Charms cereal (great idea, hubby!), then creating a comfy bed inside of a cookie tin where the leprechaun falls asleep after indulging in his favorite treat. It got me thinking about how we capture magic in our lives.  Here are three easy practices. Consider this a gentle invitation to a 21-day program to bring more magic into your life.

1.Give everyday. A smile of light to a stranger. A financial donation of $1.00 to $10,000. A note of gratitude. Be creative with your generosity.

2. Move your body. Dance. Walk. Spin. Exercise produces endorphins. Give yourself at minimum 15 minutes every day. Here are some fun ways to move and love:

–in honor of my Irish roots in County Mayo I offer you my favorite Afrocelt Soundsystem song, Whirly-y-Reel:

–try some Marvin Gaye Got to Give it Up:

–experience something new with Shiva Rea’s trance dance:

Pick your own song that stirs your soul.

3. Focus on manifesting your dreams.  Pick one for 21 days. Declare the “I am” of it. I am fit. I am strong. I am powerful. I am calm. I am in love. I am wealthy. Post it. Say it. Think it. I am an author.

Celebrate today and every day as a gift.  You are a gift on this earth.  Image

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