Stop and smell the burnt spaghetti

According to a New York Times article, The Amigdala Made Me Do It, “The choices we make in day-to-day life are prompted by impulses lodged deep within the nervous system.”  I’m experimenting with paying more attention to the five senses.  Like today, when I was preparing our family’s tax papers while cooking my son’s spaghetti.ImageI smelled something burning.  His spaghetti was alight.  They say that multi-tasking is bad for the brain and it turns out, it can also prove harmful to lunch. 

Recently, I’ve been enjoying the smell of purple hyacinths and dark chocolate coconut cream eggs from Zitner’s (thanks Mom!) which bring back great memories of waking up insanely early Easter morning to forage through my basket.

In an effort at mindfulness, try to stop and smell.  Try smelling your food before you eat it.  Consider purchasing something odiferous that elicits a pleasant memory. See where your nose leads you.  I’d love to know what you discover.



2 thoughts on “Stop and smell the burnt spaghetti

  1. Oooooh, I love smelling my food before I eat it. Is there any other way? I must find some of your dark chocolate coconut eggs! Do they mail order??? Had to do a double take on the pasta;-)

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