Best worst sleeper ever!

Best worst sleeper ever!

Best worst sleeper ever!

On the heels of my superpower post, I ask you, were you ever not good at something? Really not good? I have a confession: I am a remedial sleeper. I want to be better at sleeping. I want to turn of this writer’s mind. This working mom’s mind. This “let’s stay up late and do stuff!” mind. (Actually that last part is inaccurate since I often fall asleep by a little after 9:00pm.) I want to improve my sleeping skills. Do you? Well, here’s a little bedtime gift that I received from some smart folks:

Tips for a Better Sleep

• Turn off your computer, cell phone, television, and anything that will emit a bright light prior to sleep.
• Spend ten minutes writing down any “to-do” items for the next day – this will clear your head and you won’t have to think about them during the night.
• Take a warm bath with essential oils such as neroli, sandalwood, chamomile, or lavender.
• Put on your loose and comfortable sleeping clothes and spend ten minutes performing gentle stretching.
• Mist your pillows and sheets with lavender or jasmine essential oil.
• Turn on soft music/white noise.
• Think of one person or event that happened during the day for which you are grateful.

Life is Your Best Medicine” by Tieraona Low Dog MD
National Geographic Society, Washington D.C. 2012.

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