Get on the Less Stress Bus


Have you ever wished for an escape from the stresses of everyday life? That you could just step into a world where you were greeted with a smile and the knowledge that for just a few minutes someone else was taking care of things?

Then get on the Less Stress Bus.  Annette is the driver. I was fortunate enough to ride her bus on the last day that she covered my route.  (Thank you, Universe!) She’s on another line now and I almost want to take that bus just to see her face and feel her energy. The morning that I met her I was nervous, anxious and excited about an upcoming meeting. I had a pile of no less than eleven transit cards, some with a balance of $6.00 and some with just 25 cents. Only fate knew, so when I mounted the bus, in my own version of Chicago Transit Authority Go Fish, I spread my cards and picked the third one.  And bam! I picked the one with $6.00! Annette gave me a, “Good morning and welcome to the Less Stress Bus.” She then offered to help me check the value of my cards. It took less than 60 seconds for that act of kindness and already my anxiety about the impending meeting decreased.

I had a chance to talk to Annette before getting off the bus and she said that she loved working with the public. She takes each day as a blessing. She has one of the most stressful jobs in Chicago: the traffic, the passengers, the lack of freedom in taking a break, and look at what she has created—the Less Stress Bus.

According to the Institute for Heart Math, the magnetic field generated by the heart is more than 5,000 times greater than the field generated by the brain.  Imagine the magnetic field and positive energy created by Annette’s heart.

Think about creating your own Less Stress Bus: at home, at work, on your daily walk. Think about your power to create. Try remaining present in the moment.  Even as you wash dishes, being grateful that you have food to make those dishes dirty. Bring that alertness to your daily life.  Watch your heart generate energy every day.  You have the power to choose your heart’s journey.


4 thoughts on “Get on the Less Stress Bus

  1. you just gave me a lump in my throat & tears in my eyes. I DO try to drive my own L.S. Bus!! xoxox big week with Susie & Annie here at Caz sprinkling some of Dan’s ashes ;( we of course talked about you glowingly, and Susie was quick to remind me you were her friend FIRST 😉 thanks for the morning read. love what you are doing. xox Meredith

    • Oh Meredith! I thought of all of you this month as I was bobbing in the ocean in Puerto Rico, I thought: next year, CAZ. I miss you all and know that I’m very present for the amazing spirit that is Dan, uber-father! So glad you are driving your own L.S. Bus! xoxo Please hug everyone for me especially Susie (who is right, of course) and Megala. And THANK YOU for reading!

  2. Just what the Doctor ordered, Rebecca! I am half way there through my radiation treatments for earning my PINK ribbon! Love this story!! Glad to see there are folks there like we have here in South Dakota too!

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