Find Your Own Signs

Find Your Sign

Short and sweet today, my friends. Take five minutes to sit with the brilliant author Paulo Coelho to view his video about understanding your own language of signs.  A few weeks ago, I came to a realization: stop creating obstacles to publishing my book. Those obstacles seemed like good business practices, create an LLC, finish the website architecture, promotion plan and more. Yet I still need to find a new cover designer, write the acknowledgements, shoot the author photo and give the manuscript a final proof. At this point, making plans, vision boards and exploring legal options are obstacles to stepping fully into my light. They will get done, but first, the book needs its final birthing. The day I realized this, I told my husband, then watched the Coehlo video, and just minutes later I received an email from one of my favorite straight-talkers, Paul Jarvis. He offered me a free e-course called “Write and Sell and Your Damn Book.”  Um, hello, I’d call that a sign. A green light my on very own corner. So I send you a light right here, right now. Shine it on your own map. It might help you decide what to have for lunch. When to let go. When to love (always) and when to get out of your own way and act.

A post script: I’ve been enjoying Paul Jarvis’s Sunday Dispatches, you can sign up here: He also designed a wicked cool t-shirt to raise funds for his favorite furry friends here:

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