Pick Your Powerful Nickname

You can also view the above video directly on YouTube by clicking here.

Did you grow up with a nickname? Did you always wish for one? Or maybe you wish you had a different one? In the 58-second video above, I’m inviting you to think of your very own nickname and live by it. You’d be surprised at what special skills you might acquire if you fully step into a new, or additional identity. You don’t have to tell anyone. My closest friends know me as Sydney for a certain spy character on television. And today, I unveil a new name which results in the sighting of a magical creature.

Pick your own nickname and your power. Keep it a secret or don’t, just step into it!

[Big thanks to my buds at Atlas Stationers for the props and space. Visit atlasstationers.com or the actual store, one of my Chicago faves, at 227 West Lake Street. And gratitude to my talented crew on and off camera!]

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