Rebecca’s Birthday Blog Giveaway: UNVEIL OF MY NEW NOVEL!

Amazing Adventures of Selma Calderon by Rebecca Villarreal

Here goes my beautiful blog readers! With huge amounts of gratitude to you! I JUST opened my box of proofs of my novel. #soreal #dreamscometrue

If you have friends who enjoy my blog posts because you share them or if you have friends who might like my novel, The Amazing Adventures of Selma Calderon, A Globetrotting Magical Mystery of Courage Food and Friendship, please encourage them to follow the blog via email! Love to all of you! And thank you! All of my followers will be entered to win my book plus two more to give to friends!* (*International readers may receive the e-book. :))

I just opened the box 30 minutes ago, you can view the video here.

16 thoughts on “Rebecca’s Birthday Blog Giveaway: UNVEIL OF MY NEW NOVEL!

    • Dear Colin, yes! Yes! Yes! Thank you for always showing up even when you don’t know you show up. You have EVERY idea why your note means everything divine to me right now. Thank you for being a vessel. xo

  1. 😀 YAAY!!! Way To Go **Ms Dream Catcher**!!!! 😉 Making Dreams come True! 🙂 So Amazing and overjoyed for you!! I shed a tear of Joy with you when you opened your box and pulled out a ~Ray of Light~ from Your ~Soul!~ Thank you for Blessing the World!

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