I love waking in the nether night

when woodsmoke is faint

and verse bubbles from left ear and right

elevations and giggles from childhood love wind swirls and curls around my head

tickling a smile

“Wake up! Wake up!”

the faeries whisper

there’s magic in the in-between

come see the stars before they sleep

they’re underneath the clouds

playing checkers with the waning moon

before she gives the night back to the sun

your best friend is nestled in your heart

mud pies with roley-poley messages

Charlie’s Angels and Happy Days

ask her what you’re going to color today

maybe there will be paint on your fingers

or flour under your nails

Sundays call for chocolate cake

macaroni and cheese

iced tea on the porch and jacks

let’s play jacks

–Rebecca Villarreal

10 thoughts on “Jacks

  1. When you know you can close your eyes for a few move minutes. And your kitten doesn't know you are awake!  

    Sent: Sunday, December 06, 2015 at 7:45 AM

  2. Thank you Rebecca. I am turning 65 in January. I have been uncharacteristcally reflective here lately, finding that my thoughts are drifting back to my younger years. Not filled with regrets or the “what ifs” but the sweet moments. Your piece helped to bring back those times and sweet moments in the time of my life, spent with those that I loved and are now gone. No sadness or tears just sweet memories.

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