The Fire of Knowing You



The fire of knowing you

pulled up from the earth where you knew me in the clay

where soul friends played double dutch

pulled tarot

unwound wishes in diaries with gold locks

this day in minutes told

around the corner from the moon


a new year

coming from the west to the west

upended in that time you wanted to travel to the desert

unravel the mystery of the missing piece of your

wait, was that a s’more over there?

the monkey takes your mallow on a stick

it’s charred in the fire

like a phoenix baby, you pull off the blackened coat

revealing that goopy center

now take it slowly and watch the caramel

those are your wishes



sealed by your ancestors

calling you home

walk the path they found too rocky

strap on your boots

pull from the strength of your thighs

reach up and set your desires on fire

then hold them between squares of chocolate


and shield them one more time

graham sentinels

until you take a bite of this life

savor the memory of your choosing

sit in the minute of the now

close your eyes, inhale and look up

it’s the moon

she will keep your promises

just wish

ready, one, two and

the embers are still burning

lighted by green brown blue

spring, earth, ocean

trust me, this time you’ll fly


8 thoughts on “The Fire of Knowing You

  1. One must not merely read poetry, but savor it … take in what the poet is striving to convey with her lyricism. I certainly did with this one … thank you, Rebecca, for starting my day with such a beautiful gift. xoxo

  2. Good to see you are still being creative my dear. Hope all is well in your world.

    I’m still dealing with my Dad’s estate and MISSING him like crazy. This being an orphan is hard. I am blessed to have had both my parents for 65 years and my Dad for nearly 70 years of my life. But still…

    I’ll stop whining 😋. Take care lady. Lynda

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  3. Rebecca, beautiful poem, beautiful cadence, sensual after-tones as it rolls around like a good port with a bite of semi-sweet chocolate – not too much, but just right. Happy New Year, Friend!

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