Finding Your Way off of the Discombobulation Shelf: Help in case of a tough week


Surprise! I did a quick video with some reflections in case you’re having a tough week. It includes one of my favorite recent moments in my life (4 seconds), some herons I saw tonight (!) and thoughts on coping with living in the world. View the video here or below:




5 thoughts on “Finding Your Way off of the Discombobulation Shelf: Help in case of a tough week

  1. I was thinking, as I was listening to this wonderful video of yours, how serendipitous it was that you and I became connected. I feel SO blessed because of it!! LOVED this video, just like every video you do … you’re always just the ray of light that I (and others, I’m sure!) need. Please keep being inspiring! xoxoxo!!

    • Thank you, Stacey! Yes to serendipity! And magic olive trees and the countdown until my super BD present from an author whom I really admire!!! 💚💚💚 I really am grateful for your comment as sometimes when I do these videos, I think, wait, was there anything new in there? And then I think, oh well, that was what I was called to share, so let’s go! And so I do! #playersonly

      • OMG! I was going to ask you who this cool author was … until I realized who you meant! :-0 And yes, please keep fulfilling your calling. Even if you’ve mentioned something before in another video, it’s always great to hear again. We can all use repeated wisdom from a dear and wise friend. xoxo!!

  2. Hahaha, Rebecca, you are So precious and funny, even the deadpan, I love it. Really enjoyed your frivolity alongside the more serious (” “) (:}) comments! Keep those cards, letters, and blogposts coming! xoxo

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