I see you.

Becca Times Four

I see you.

Today, I see you. I see the little girl or little boy who loved to climb across the rocks in the creek. I see the mint chocolate chip ice cream dripping down your hand. I see your favorite terry cloth shorts and top, yellow like the sun. I see how you played Double Dutch and kickball in the middle of the street. I see your shoulders slump when the ball lands in Mrs. Murdoch’s yard. I see your dreams of dancing with Alvin Ailey. I see you spinning in your mom’s living room until you fall in a diagonal and just avoid hitting your head on the coffee table.

I see all that you were as a child. I see all that you are now.

I see your heart open and expand.

Lotus flower blooms.

Inhale, then exhale while saying Lotus flower blooms.

You are exactly where you’re supposed to be.

The shape of your lips, the curve of your hips, the crooked middle toe.

You are you.

Breathe again.

You are a gift.

Breathe some more.

You are worthy.

Inhale once more, then, spin around the living room. Order that ice cream cone. Let your foot slip on the rock. Your Converse is soaked. Feel the sun and the laughter.

You have that little girl or boy inside of you.

You have that joy.

Let her out.

Let him out.

Ask every morning, “What cha wanna to do today?”

Then listen. And see.

And live.

Remember, I see you. You can too.


Bekita Linda