Yo’ Mama


Celebrate what you know. You know that your mother carried you for 10 months (9 months is a myth). You may have a big pile of memories to choose to embrace whether she is on this earth or not. Or maybe those memories are from a grandmother or a neighbor.

For those who struggle with today because of a mother who has passed away, a mother who was absent physically or emotionally, or maybe too present controlling your outcomes, or perhaps alcoholic or abusive, I offer you one word: love.  For those who wish or wished to have children and it did not occur.  To you I offer one word: love. You have love in your life. It’s a mother love. From your colleague that invites you to dinner at her house, to the lady who works in the checkout line and tells you stories every time. And to you who may be childless and wanting, think today about all those folks you have mothered, Godmothered, hugged in words and deeds.

Turn this day around into a dance celebrating those mother love moments received and given. Open your eyes and one may even appear today. I’m sending you love right now.  Open your hand, your heart and receive the love in these words, the spiritual heart kindness just for you. Take the river of thoughts that are just thoughts and practice loving them to death. You see: you matter. You matter. You matter. Happy Mother’s Day!