Out There

Out thereTonight I was talking to a friend about this book: Heal Your Body A-Z by Louise Hay. It helps “diagnose” some of the negative thinking that can contribute to big and small ailments from knee pain to lymph issues. It offers affirmative thoughts to get you to a place of health.  It doesn’t replace medical treatment. (Though the author did cure herself of cancer.)

I know what some folks are thinking: that’s out there!

And that’s what one of my best friends said to me a few minutes ago, “Wow, that book sounds “out there.”

It is.

I spoke to another friend, who leans conservative, and urged her to check out one specific video mentioned in my last post about food because I thought that the speaker would appeal to her. I said, “She’s not a giant hippie, so I think that you will like her.”

And she said, “Good, because those people drive me crazy.”

She knows that I can be classified as one of “those people” and she loves me wholeheartedly.

These are two people being honest about their opinions.

When I went to college, there were a lot of rich people there since the endowment for financial aid wasn’t so great. I had scholarships, loans and two jobs. I arrived with a strong prejudice against the wealthy because I assumed they were all privileged snobs. During my junior year, I was a resident assistant (because I wanted to be one and because it gave me free housing and funding for food which I redeemed to help pay tuition). One young woman who was on my “team” in the dorm, was a boarding school kid who chose to be an R.A. because she wanted to–no need for the money. In my eyes, she was rich. And she became one of my best friends.

Here’s what I want to share: challenge your assumptions.

About people that heal themselves with positive thinking. About giant hippies. About the wealthy.

About anyone who shows up in the world in a way that’s different from you.

Think about loving them. It might work out.

It might surprise you.

Tilt your head, squint your eyes and believe that someone is more than your past experience with your perception of who they are.