touch feel taste

that moment

in the clouds on your porch

in the john jack jill story of your dreams

dusty boots

strawberries rolled in sugar

memories of weebles wobble but they don’t fall down

know that the sitting walking breathing

these times





knowing is real

the yearning creates your speed

turn the dial to medium when it doesn’t matter

high when it does

Exquisite is the highest

circling spinning

letting you know

you have arrived

for one moment

the highest vibration

pull out your punch card

you’re a frequent flyer now

from your couch

the bus

the sidewalk

you’ve traveled to heaven and back

lungs breathe

mind waves

pen walks you back to the soil

where the next trip awaits



Dedicated to Natalie Goldberg in gratitude for her new book which I received last night The True Secret of Writing: Connecting Life with Language