Do I have your word?

This post could also be called “12 Presents of the New Year: Resolution-Free Zone.” No commitments. Just 12 words. Last night while watching “The Desolation of Smaug,” there was a scene (no spoilers here) where one character said to another: “Do I have your word?” Simple. We have all heard that before.

Here’s my New Year’s experiment whispered (because everyone is still sleeping in my house) in the video above. It’s so simple. You can make it fancy and artsy and magical. Or you can do what I did: write 12 words on index cards or separate pieces of paper. Stick them in envelopes and open one each month. If you don’t have 12 envelopes, fold them over. Tape them. Staple them. Glue them. I’m going to open mine at the beginning of the month because I like presents on a regular basis. And I am going to watch how that word shows up in my life. They can be whatever you want. I picked words like free, energetic, laughter, joy, creator, dancing and singing. You can do this alone or with friends and family. You can do this over champagne or tea. Another thing I like to do is write two annual letters, one looking back on the year and one dated a year later and looking back–pretending that all of these amazing things happened in my life. For more on that approach you can click here. Whatever you do to celebrate a new year, do I have your word that you will be kind, gentle and loving to yourself–like you would to your best friend?

I thank you for teaching me this year. For reading and listening and sharing and giving so much for the last 12 months. Congrats on making it to the end of 2013!

Hello New Year! New You!

What? It’s not the New Year, Rebecca.  I know, I know.  Today is actually Maha Shivaratri.  Today, March 9 in the United States (March 10 in India) is a day when people chant “Om Namah Shivaya.” Shiva removes that which has outlived its usefulness and allows us to start anew.

If given the chance, today, or whenever you read this, what one thing would you do every day as an act of inspired renewal?  I will take ten minutes every day to quiet my mind.  I may dance during those ten minutes, I may sit still or I may sing, chant or pray.  To find out more about today, visit Madhavi Rathod’s Vedic Healing site: . Happy New You!


A chance to slow down, breathe and renew today.