Lessons from the Moon & Eggplant Parm

You can listen to this poem here.


Blue Moon

You didn’t tell me about the alchemy of eggplant parm


how you’d wake me again and again just to look

You only told me to wish real hard

hold my hands up in a cup

to capture the agua de Jamaica flowing from the sky IMG_6101

Blue Moon You danced with Venus in her yellow bellbottoms

goldfish floating in her platform heels

Everybody’s heart chakra pumps and thumps

What’s the Rx today?

Christina keeps telling me eyes wide open

love tangles can boggle the goggles

switch your mind back in time it was 2007

when my heart cracked open a new life home body mind


if I hop on my bike will the San Padres tell me oso stories?

sing me mountain lion blues?

give me the key to the mane’s picket fence?


my toes know only grass sand wheel

Pacific postures pontificating

exhale you made it

sink into now

Post Script: My aunt Peggy always said, “if you can read, you can cook.” I say, if you can dream, you can cook. If you can dream, you can wish, if you can wish you, you can live up to your dreams.”