Unearth Your Story: Equinox Love

What do you hope to uncover from nature’s story?

What I mean is, when you look at a weed, do you think it doesn’t belong or do you see the possibility of growth through the cracks in the cement?

Have you ever wished for the white picket fence and found yourself on the outside looking in?

There are secrets to be uncovered every day within your surroundings.

Some people like to call it grace. Some people celebrate and call it divine inspiration. Wednesday, September 23 is the Equinox, when night and day are in equal measure. I’ve heard it called Thanksgiving for and to Mother Earth.

What if we took a chance on a ritual in the present moment to breathe in deeply and watch the leaves move in the wind?

Or maybe simply to touch the earth? At what point can we find reverence in this day and mark it as the beginning of reverence for every day? What do you need to feel about longing? What do you need to feel the right to grow roots and sprout?

Perhaps it’s a return to something you love. Perhaps it’s simply a walk outside. I’m inviting you to step away from your routine and marvel at the wonder of the world.

Happy Equinox!