Pick beauty.


Find it in every moment that you can. Pomegranate arils in Prosecco. A lost glove on the pavement. An intentional smile at your bus driver. This I hope for in 2013. A personal promise to myself to be accepting, forgiving, patient. To know and to listen. To put my energy towards the things that matter most. Whether it’s making lentil stew or helping with homework. Or taking time to be quiet. Sending you love and hope for filling your heart with light and abundance this year and always.

6 thoughts on “Pick beauty.

  1. I have been as giddy as Ebeneezer on Christmas morning. I’ve recommitted to the little moments. I completely removed every 2012 vestige so 2013 is tabla rasa! Love to you and yours. Morie

  2. Thank you, Rebecca…..it brought a smile, and provided a sweet moment of introspection. May your year be rich and full of promise! Liz

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