Unravel Her


That poem wants you to catch it by its tail

by the secret string

inside the honeysuckle

to find that succulent drop

you swear there are powers inside

’cause it’s real honey

skate away in your blue suede orange wheels

purple satin visor

born to roll

that yellow comb sticking out of your Sergios

if you can read this, you’re too close

people say your switchin’ but it’s just the way you walk

you’re always Kelly when Charlie calls

or Diana, daughter of Hippolyta

that girl knew so much

she comes back

when you stir your breath

eleven minutes on the kitchen timer

unravel her

before the sun

4 thoughts on “Unravel Her

  1. Wow! This took me back, amiga! Except instead of roller skates for me it was my neon blue bicycle zipping through my dad’s motor pool on Sundays. Fun poem but also an important poem for girls to read. And I could hear the music coursing through the poem, so that the part of it being a poem almost disappeared and I was with the narrator as she watched Charlie’s Angels (I was a secret Kelly too!). Thanks for posting——-

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