Miracle at Monroe

In the middle of this week, my mind was so cluttered with lists, receipts, obligations, excitement, creativity and confusion, I felt as if I couldn’t see straight. I had a [self-imposed] deadline for an article at work, expense reports, family commitments and plain old life stuff. That morning, I sat in quiet and asked for help. I realized that I craved music and planned to listen to flamenco at work. Those sounds always stir my soul and creativity. I began an archeological dig, starting with my purse. I found expense report receipts along with a wider glimpse of mental clarity. I packed a backpack with my wallet, lunch and tossed in a stray dollar at the last minute. I took the “L” to Monroe station. Upon arrival, Christopher Pinot greeted me with his acoustic guitar. Smiling, I told myself to listen intently on the way out. Then I remembered that dollar and decided it was meant for him. So I walked away from the stairs and back to the music. And then I found rapture. Miracle. Belief that what I asked for came to me, live.

Listen and watch, for two minutes and twenty-nine seconds how Christopher brings light. His mastery, not only of the music, but of his environment is astounding. Like an athlete, his has a deft agility in reacting to his surroundings. His sweet, sweet music stirs your soul ’til you’re lifted into the whirl of his dervish.

I thanked him for sharing his immense talent and for choosing to show up in the world the way he does.

I thank YOU for sharing this moment with me.

Ask every day, my friend. Unclutter your thoughts. Make your lists. Open your eyes to the signs. The loose dollar. The quiet contentment. The 2:29 spurts. This is your life. You can find art and peace everywhere. You can make them with every breath.

5 thoughts on “Miracle at Monroe

  1. I enjoyed reading this.  My computer always puts it  into my spam and I move it to inbox. I have a NEW committee I call the CORE committee. I call a meeting with them more often. Hope you got the last newsletter. The woman who had Tom’s job (I think) came out to Lincoln and met the first day and the second day we were assigned to visit different senate offices. We visited several newer people and they had concerns as we had had for a long time in a couple of years some of those were now in committees or chairs of committees.

    • Thanks Leona! I’m so happy that you pull the posts out of spam and continue to read. It sounds like you are doing great work, as always. I love getting the newsletter. I received it from Cathy via email. Miss you and so glad you enjoyed this post!

  2. Music always calms me and helps me focus.  Thank you for the reminder.  My favorite when I get in the car to do errands is to tune to Sirius POPS.  It’s classical music which is my calming music.   Bev McCartney

  3. Bev, thanks so much for the comment. You are welcome for the reminder. I love to hear that you tap into your calm during errands through music. Thank YOU for the tip! Bach’s Cello Suites are some of my favorites!

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