Let’s Play!

Coffee Break by Rebecca Villarreal

Loved Ones,

This is the shortest post ever. I know how busy you are. That’s why I made you this meditation. It can be done at any time of day or night. It’s just under 7 minutes. And it focuses on play! So when you take a coffee break or a walk around the block or even as you do the dishes, have a listen and remember you are loved!

You can access the meditation here. Think about bookmarking it so you can go back to it when you need a reminder to press pause on your to-do list and play. I know you’ll get more done if you take a moment for you. Trust me!

Sending you my biggest smile!



6 thoughts on “Let’s Play!

  1. Thanks Rebecca. I had already done my morning meditation, but the coffee and your invitation to play convinced me that I needed another moment of peace, so I listened. Beautiful! Yesterday I stopped in at the Apple Store for some support in creating video. The young man who took care of me said to have fun and enjoy the process. Wow! and he didn’t even have your meditation.

    • Hooray Dan! Thanks for letting me know that you tried it and liked it! You know, I think I’m going to have a cup of coffee. Tea won’t do it this morning. I love the idea of you doing videos! Thanks as always, for taking the time to experience and comment!

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