Buckets of Hope: Delivered to Your Heart’s Door


Now more than ever, we need hope. Buckets of it. It starts with your heart. This is me, knocking on the door of your heart, arms outstretched with your very own overflowing bucket.

One of the first things you’ll see spill out of it, is the video below. I’ve been thinking about what makes us a better version of us. When I do certain things, like connect with nature, write, meditate and play, I feel better. I AM better. Because I’m connected to what nourishes me.

What makes you a better version of you? I’ve been thinking a lot about this. Here are some ideas from me and from friends and readers. You can view the video here.

I promised to share a mix of meditations so here they are:

From my heart to yours

  1. Ocean Meditation: It’s 10 minutes long and invites you to bring along a paper and pen. It’s a great way to put your to-do list on to paper and clear the mind for just a few minutes while listening to the Pacific Ocean.
  2. Made of Stars Meditation to Trust in the Divine Plan: This was a divine download for me. It’s been a great way to help me stay grounded when when I want to know what’s in store for the future and I just don’t have the answers. The only answer is to trust. It’s a little over 20 minutes and is great if you have insomnia or it’s a nice way to start your day.
  3. Play Meditation: This is only 5 minutes long and is helpful if you’re feeling the weight of the world on your shoulders and need to connect with those things that you liked to do as a child.

From Wonders Wellness

Kuan Yin Course: I took this course from Lynn Louise Wonders. It basically consists of an e-book which you can download onto your phone or print out. I read one short meditation every day for 108 days as soon as I woke and then just stayed in bed and let it sink in. It was a transformative experience in compassion. People actually noted my increased calm. Just writing this to you makes me realize that I think I may want to do it again. Lynn Louise has made it available on a donation basis. So you can decide what to pay if you’re interested.

From the book The Four Desires, by Rod Stryker

Most of these meditations are around 20-25 minutes.

  1. Meditation to help with Non-Attachment: What’s that? It’s the opposite of when you expect results to be a certain way–for others to follow your advice and do it your way. Sometimes, that attachment can cause your own suffering. I have direct experience with that. So here are two posts which chronicle ways to let go:
    Powerful or Powerless?  and You are asking me to swallow the sun…
  2.  Meditation to Increase Energy or Shakti: This is a good one if you’re feeling confused, stressed or fearful.
  3. Healing the Heart Meditation: This is helpful if you are struggling with hurts, old or new.
  4. Bliss Meditation: If you decide to use this meditation, it’s the one I referenced in this post which is instrumental in defining a specific intention for the next 12-18 months. I’d suggesting reading the post for context before you listen.
  5. Yoga Ndira: I use this Rod Stryker video when I wake up. You scroll to about the 29-minute mark for the 8-minute meditation to begin. I listen in bed when I’m barely awake. It’s an amazing way to start my day.


The Creation Equation from Stryker

One final nugget of hope before I go. The Creation Equation: when your desire outweighs the resistance to your desire, it impacts the outcome. Simple, I know. But when you are trying to make those habits that nourish you, a part of your regular life, it’s great to ask, what’s the resistance here? Sometimes you’ll find out why or even create a name for it. Like I did in this post–mine is Matilda. I made a 4 1/2 minute video for you on my run about The Creation Equation or Formula:

Thanks for joining me in hoping. Our joy is the best way to carry compassion and love forward. You can find your happy even amidst the sad. You can pulse out light in the darkest of night. You are full of all that is beautiful. I can see it. Can you?

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