Join Me on Saturday, Feb. 25 – Online or on the radio!


Hello Beautiful Readers!

Please join me and tune in to KCSB 91.9 FM on the radio or online from anywhere in the world!

I’m honored to be on Lynelle Paulick’s show, Writer’s Almanac West. Thank you for supporting me so faithfully by reading, reviewing and sharing The Amazing Adventures of Selma Calderón: A Globetrotting Magical Mystery of Courage, Food & Friendship. It’s been a spectacular journey so far and Book 2 is going to blow your mind! I’m working on it and we’re going to Morocco, Italy, California and the story twists and turns are more than you can imagine!

Here are the details: 

WHAT: Rebecca Villarreal on Writer’s Almanac West Radio Show talking about Selma Books 1 and progress on Book 2; I’ll read a poem never shared publicly and we will be discussing writing, food and one of my favorite topics: how to thrive in the world–you know there will be some magic woven in there too!

DATE: Saturday, February 25

TIME: 10am ET, 9am CT, 8am MT and 7am PT

Click here for a nifty timezone converter to calculate the time of the show anywhere in the world.

WHERE: Online by clicking here or if you’re near Santa Barbara, CA, tune into KCSB 91.9 FM.

My novel is available everywhere. And remember 5% of net profits go to Teaching for Change. (By the way, they have a new and fantastic resource out called Resistance 101. Check it out here.)

If you’re new to my work, check out my website:

Read The Huffington Post article here.

There’s a fun video interview here.

I’m looking forward to hanging out together this Saturday! Please share with your friends. You’ll walk away feeling loved and inspired to pursue your own dreams.


11 thoughts on “Join Me on Saturday, Feb. 25 – Online or on the radio!

  1. Ewww, Good Job, Rebecca!!

    I know that autocorrect does weird stuff, and it appears my name’s spelling got conveniently changed to Lynette instead of lynelle. Why, I ask, whyyyy. 😅😅🙄🙄

    See ya soon!

  2. This is so cool, Rebecca!!! Good for you!!

    Seven a.m. is a bit early for me, but I’ve been waking up earlier lately, so I will plan to be there!!

    Big love to you, S

  3. Rebecca,

    I wonder if you’ll get this…please bring water if you think you’ll want it, and it must be in a closed container!


  4. Rebeccccca!!😚

    Thank You So So much for introducing yourself to me and making possible a show with the two of us together!! I cannot express loudly enough how much I appreciate the service you are doing for All of us and the world by your being So Alive.

    All the best in love and Light.


  5. Rebecca, I did manage to hear the WHOLE 90 minutes on Saturday. You were sure up early to accomplish all you did before going to the studio! Good job! Thanks for letting us know of the opportunity to hear your voice.

      • I was thinking nap so glad you took advantage of that! I would have! Again so happy to hear your voice. It makes it special having met you at least twice (by the way, favorite memory of going to DC for Facebook training). Was that taped any place where it can be heard again? I noticed the times of post are not correct–way off.

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