All the Gifts are for YOU

Hello beautiful people! For some time, I have been wanting to share a selection of my favorite makers, creators and healers with you. Now that the holidays are coming, I thought that I would share them all in one place. And many of them have created special discount codes just for followers of my blog! That was totally unexpected! I’m not an affiliate of any of these wonderful people, I just adore their work!

Consider these gifts for yourself and for anyone in your life. The links are a feast for your eyes and hearts! Please share widely!

And before you jump into the delightful rabbit hole below, remember you can buy The Amazing Adventures of Selma Calderón on IndieBound and Amazon and Barnes & Noble.

If you’re new to my book, check out The Huffington Post Article or information about how 5% of all net proceeds go to Teaching for Change here. Definitely check out their Social Justice Books site for ideas too. Or you can listen to this radio interview (skip the two minute intro) or watch my documentary about my time at Drop Out on Orcas Writer’s Residency. I made a silly trailer too about working on the sequel at Drop Out:

And if you are doing some big dreaming for 2020, do check out my Design a Life & Live It sessions on my Work with Me page.

Everything below has a wonderful sprinkle (or gallon) of magic, so here goes:

Simple Wealth Original Jewelry For The Modern Free Spirit.

I discovered these amazing pieces made from recycled materials and fell in love with her bracelets, earrings and rings. Below I’m wearing her gorgeous labyrinth earrings.  And guess what – use the code MAGIC15 for 15% off! Thanks Lizzie


Noah’s Garden Creations

If you follow me on Instagram, you’ll see me beaming with my latest earrings made from flowers from one of my favorite places in the world – Toro Canyon. There are creations from all kinds of places and now ornaments and cutting boards! Check out Kathy’s creations – her earnings are helping her pay for her special ed teacher certification!

Inspired Inspiration Deck by The Collage Cafe

This deck has traveled around the country with me and is my faithful friend at home. When I need inspiration with a great question and meaningful quote to take me through the day or the week, I turn to this beautiful deck which is filled with super cool ART by Lindy Stockton.  And we are THE ONLY ONES to get a $5 off code with INSPIRE. Woot!

Mystic Oracle Deck by Lindsay Pera and Sarah Love Hannah McCoy

Looking for a magical deck which can lift you into a new perspective? This deck opens up a portal to a new understanding of your surroundings. I have used this deck to help calm me during stressful times, as a little extra guidance when I’m discerning and truly to bring insights into my current situation. Stay tuned for a 10% off code from Sarah! And do check out the rest of Sarah’s offerings on her site. Or you can sign up on her site and get a 10% off code.

The 2020 Mystics Almanac 

Lindsay and Sarah were co-leads for two masterminds in which I was fortunate to participate. I have watched both women do their larger work in the world with grace and generosity. This almanac includes Astro insights from the very talented Vanessa Cuoto, as well as numerology from Kari Samuels and Akashic Records from Priscilla Stephan. And, the almanac utilizes the cards from the deck above. There’s a video from Lindsay where you can learn more.

Terra Gold Plus – CBD Products

Shelly Stone and her husband own this highly ethical company and even recently lowered their prices when they gained savings from their suppliers. My two favorite products are their patches and their balms. They also have a helpful CBD buying guide.

Pura Luna Apothecary for Medicinal Teas and More

Owners and marrieds Ashe and Chris (photo by My World Productions) have created a sense of community at Pura Luna  Apothecary that is like no other. I found a home away from home there which has been so nourishing. I recommend Ashe’s medicinal teas for all kinds of needs. She’s a skilled and certified herbalist who makes custom blends as well. She reminds me that they are not always created for taste, but for function! Explore their online store for more inspiring and healing resources.


Scafuri Bakery Italian Cookies

This was one of my two go-to bakeries when I lived in Chicago for twelve years. Founded in 1904, these recipes are old school and delicious. My favorite cookies are the Cuccidati (fig cookies) and the Pignoli (Gluten Free Pine Nut Cookies). My mouth is watering as I write this! And lucky for all of us, they ship cookies online! If you live in Chicago, head on over to Taylor Street and go to town! Their doughnuts are amazing too.

GLOWING SEASON — Molly Costello Art & Design

Speaking of Chicago, I’ve been following Molly Costello on Instagram for a while and I’m so intrigued by the images in her Glowing Season calendar. She was just voted “Best Indie Crafter” according to the Chicago Reader poll. $2 from every calendar will be donated to the Chicago Community Bond Fund. You may enjoy exploring her Etsy shop for prints too.

2020 – Myron Fowler Calendar “Navajo Mylo” on Instagram

Photography by Mylo Fowler is some of the most stunning imagery I have ever seen. He sells prints, teaches workshops and does humanitarian work by bringing light and power to homes across Navajoland. The link for the calendar, which benefits this important work, is included above. And do check him out on Instagram for a feast of beauty.

Studio Sauvageau Handmade Bags

I discovered River Jaguar’s bags during a trip to Ojai and love her creative spirit. Plus they are washable and so thoughtful — pockets in the right places, strong zippers and snaps. Check out her online shop!

One-on-One Regenerative Grief (and Joy) Sessions with Donna Helete

I’ve experienced a level of healing with Donna that has transformed my life. Her website says “let grief rewild you.” I call her my Grief and Joy Coach because she has transformed my relationship to grief and sorrow and as a result, I feel more joy and gratitude daily. She is the most empathetic witness, insightful coach and comes to the table with years of training in the area of grief. And most of all, she walks the talk because she has had a number of life experiences which deepen her knowledge. You can learn more on her site. Her sessions are sliding scale $60-100 per hour and her email is And we meet via video!

Mariah is brilliant. Working with her revolutionized my parenting and opened up pathways to communication in my marriage like never before. I spent more than a year in two masterminds (with a very small group of entrepreneurs) with Mariah. I watched her build this beautiful course and I had the honor of enrolling in her Family Foundations course. Here’s the testimony I wrote which you’ll see on her site: “Mariah carries a deep wisdom and with that comes the kind of compassionate witness we all need. I am a better mother, wife, friend and person after circling with Mariah.” Her course starts in February but she offers payment plans if you enroll before the end of 2019.

There are many other amazing entrepreneurs like B. Yellowtail, whom I follow or Nite Owl Ink whose t-shirt I’m wearing in the Noah’s Garden Creations photo above. (You will love his designs!) And if your furry family member needs a denim jacket like our South below, check out Flowerchild 93013.

I’m also deeply connected with more amazing entrepreneurs. Currently I’m enrolled in Ho’omalamalama Brown’s #Walk_Inn_Beauty mastermind and truly enjoying it. She is amazing and offers a ton of free resources on her site. You might also like to join us for the last few days of November for our daily live plank 5-minute burst sessions. They are free and you can join here.


Oh and check out two of my favorite books: Aristotle and Dante Discover the Secrets of the Universe by Benjamin Alire Saenz and Zahrah the Windseeker by Nnedi Okarafor-Mbachu


I hope you feel like your swimming in magic gifts! Please share this post widely so that more people can see the beauty of these amazing humans!


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