Rebecca’s Magical Mondays #13 – The Secret Whisper Tree

What wishes might you share with the Secret Whisper Tree? What are some of your biggest and boldest dreams? After being asked that question while listening to the interview of Glennon Doyle by Marie Forelo featured in Rebecca’s Magical Mondays #11, I’ve been contemplating that quite a bit–especially when it comes to how I spend my time and my overall lifestyle.
Many of us around the world are home bound right now. Many folks also struggle with insomnia or anxiety due to current events. Why not channel some of the monkey mind time into answering, “What is it that I really truly enjoy?” You can make a list. For example, I’m wrapping up Spring Break staycation and one of my favorite things is to linger in the morning and read with zero commitments while sipping tea and eating my Scafuri Bakery cookies for breakfast. Yup, pure decadence. Is that dream too small? Can I live that dream right now? I can make it happen on the weekends.
Of course I have even bigger, bolder dreams of time and space to work on my novels and seeing them on the big screen. I can imagine a world where I have all of the financial, physical, emotional, spiritual and magical supports I need to foster exactly the kind of lifestyle I enjoy. I also love to garden and grow my own food.
Here’s the thing about dreams: you can start to live them inch by inch by embodying the things you enjoy doing. For me, that’s planting vegetables and herbs and then cooking them. Do I have a lot of land or know a lot about gardening? No and no. Am I doing it anyway? Yes. Before my first novel, had I ever completed writing a book? No. Did I plug away at it for ten years while working full-time and raising an amazing human? Yup. The point is: whisper your dreams into that tree and try something–even while at home. If you want to live in France–research the country. Learn the language. Watch movies that take place there. This in-between time can at least partially be turned into a gift.
If you are a front-line worker in the medical field, farming, grocery, public safety, delivery or any other essential role, I say thank you! I realize that you may not have the bandwidth to dream right now, but know that I pray for you and give thanks for you every single day. And I also don’t underestimate the stress for those who have lost their income, so dreaming does not necessarily feel like a practical option. But maybe, just maybe if you let yourself wish a little, maybe there will be an opening for you to try something new or build a new skill or further develop a talent that could lead to a new and better job. Again, I’m not minimizing here, I am just trying to find some light beams to keep us all going.


Onward to this week’s resources featuring real talk for navigating these times by Brené, vulnerable and valuable insights from my friend Samaria and fabulous fashion for family dogs from my friend Mona:

  1. Brené Brown on Comparative Suffering, the 50/50 myth and Settling the Ball
  2. Mama Fuel: How Can We Make This Moment Meaningful? Samaria Williams on grace & writing your own narrative
  3. Small Business Feature: Flowerchild – In the interests of lifting up creative people and supporting small business owners, check out Flowerchild’s dog jackets below. You can custom order or Mona might just have a design that fits your pup. You can check her out her site or Instagram and send her a DM or email her at

Here’s how you can help this week:

  1. *Quick request: I have done this weekly experiment for 3 months now and I’m analyzing whether to keep it weekly or move to monthly. Please let me know if you still want this weekly or if switching to monthly makes more sense. You can comment or shoot me an email that simply says “weekly” or “monthly” at
  2. Navigating Grief and Joy at the same time: If you or someone you know is struggling, check out my resources page for help.
  3. Dream a little and share your wishes with the Secret Whisper Tree.
  4. Practice taking a nap this week–even if you don’t sleep, rest your body for 10 minutes straight–or even 5.
  5. Take a break from the news for one day. Notice how your mind, heart and body feel. Write 1-3 sentences about what you notice. 
  6. Tell someone that you love them. Remember that I love you.

That’s all for this week! 

Look for the magic in the everyday. There are clues everywhere!

2 thoughts on “Rebecca’s Magical Mondays #13 – The Secret Whisper Tree

  1. You give SO MUCH of yourself! What is better for you? There must be something cathartic in creating and sharing these thoughts, dreams and resources!

    Have you considered bi-weekly or monthly with a weekly check in?

    Do you want feedback from us? For instance, I ordered the Mystic’s Almanac on your referral but may have never told you. Maybe you can use the Magical Mondays as a springboard for Magical Monthly with a Monday check in with one focus thought and request for what’s working or helping people.

    So first of the month, big letter. Each Monday perhaps same monthly letter with a check in thought or question.

    Thank you for everything!

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