A Girl Undone by Firelight


A girl undone by firelight

walks to the edge of the floor

Reading verse of a faith so pious

prayers sweat blood from her pores

cerebellum searching



a man called Ignatius

Why does this red dress feel so good?

This hat measure 22 3/4?

When did I learn flamenco?

Flying was a dream along the shoreline

racing seagulls in miniature

Baby Jaxon hears me sing this little light of mine

Sister sees healing in the alphabet

sent through Dixie cups

a string

rhythm flows

from the edge of sleep

your mind knows not

let your soul tell it so

Time for a Soul Revolution


What does your soul look like?

Is it shaped like a lima bean or a lotus flower?

Is it delicious like a Dalessandro’s cheese steak with fried onions?

Is it waiting for you?

Hiding in the folds of your mama’s skirts?

Is it pushing at your solar plexus?

Does it keep you up at night?

Wake you early?

Pay attention to what ails you.

Throat sore? Feeling silenced?

Shouldblade aches? Afraid to be the quarterback throwing the winning pass?

Bowels in battle? Fear of missing something on your checklist got you wound too tight?

Lower back twinge? Feeling a lack of support, the victim of your own story?

What’s that they say about bootstraps?

How does one become a peaceful love warrior in the revolution for your soul’s right to blossom?

Whoa. How much granola have you been chewing?

Let’s say it from my cheese steak soul: You can get what you want while you are getting it.

You can be in love with your life.

With the simplest moment cup of tea.

With the time you take to read these words.

Then you can be in love with another moment.

And with a gorgeous hat.

And with your dog.

And with your partner. And with your idea of a partner.

You can call it all into being with love.


And your soul revolution.

Honeycomb It: Getting to Your Core


After seeing the majestic artistic vision of Mt. Rushmore, I keep coming back to the image of “honeycombed” rock. This was a process of drilling holes in the outside of the rock to weaken a layer and then knock it off to get to the smoother more carvable granite. It made me think about the process of discovery as an artist and as a human being.

What lies underneath? What amazing sculpture is lurking inside of you? You can take this on the physical level and look at your body. I can tell you that I was not one of those Hollywood stars who shed their baby fat after giving birth. I finally joined Weight Watchers when my son was five years old and am happy to say that I am 25 lbs. lighter as a result. That has definitely given me more energy.

But what about the soul stuff? What about that light burning brightly inside of you? As I write this, a colleague who is a self-proclaimed cynic told me, “We don’t take off the layers.  We just cement and plaster layer after layer.” Is that true for you? Do you have a vision of how you are supposed to be? At different points in my professional career, I felt stifled. Like I had to show up in a certain way, in a role layered with cement, plaster, drywall. I wasn’t eating well or exercising. I felt like I always had to watch my back. What a way to live.  Fear can make us protect ourselves.

What if you poked a few honeycomb holes in that fear? Or in that vision of what or who you are supposed to be according to your boss, your partner, your family? What if some light got in? What if you took a chance, weakened that layer of rock and did an awesome karate kick…and a chunk fell off? What marvelous creation might you uncover?

Go ahead, drill a little hole, then another one and another.  The world needs the YOU under all that rock.