How to be loved

Today I want to give thanks to the lineage of women who came before me. They are cheering me on because I am free. And I am bowing in deep gratitude to mother earth.

And today is HARD for a majority of people who have experienced loss, abuse, neglect and trauma.

If you count yourself among them, take a rest today. Allow yourself to dream deeply into a mama bear hug because you are loved far and wide. And you have everything you need inside of you.


From Tosha Silver’s “The Wild Offering Oracle Deck”

At the top and bottom of this post are photos from my 50th birthday party. It was the kind of chill, loving gathering that fulfilled all of my wishes. And for that I am forever grateful to the loving people in my life who made it possible.

In a birthday conversations with my close friend, Morocco B. Assouline of Coalesce Creative Consultants, he asked me what’s next for how I’m going to be in the world and the answers are in the video.

I also think you might be interested in a talk I gave recently called, “Transforming Trauma into Joy: How to Show up in the Face of Grief.” There’s an adapted form of the speech on my new Resources page. And remember this piece of advice from my other birthday conversation with my good friend Amheric Miguel Hall:

Be good to yourself.

Be good to yourself.

Be good to yourself.

And from me: Have a beautiful day! You are loved here, there and everywhere!




Your secret is safe with me


Your secret is safe with me

In the dark of your wake up

here is what the whispers want you to know:

Everything you need is inside of you

We are here for you

The divine runs through you

Your freedom grows when you rest

[from the ridicule of your own harsh judgement]

You are exactly where you need to be

The pain holds hands with joy

skipping you into sovereignty

You are royal

Pretend this is true until it runs through you pulsing with every breath

Until your mind releases the anxiety of a life of doing

Keep trusting

Keep believing

You are loved

Every moment of every day

And we are cheering you on

For this day is another with breath in your lungs

Above dirt

Meet us at the water’s edge

Stick your toes in

Race the waves


Joy + Pastries + Poems!

Hello and Happy Mardi Gras!

Here’s a sweet 3-minute video with some love and below that, POETRY!

And below that, MEDITATION!

And below that, a longer video about how I rung in my new year on March 1, 2019 and how you can start fresh whenever you want. There are some helpful nuggets in there about grief as well.


Earthworm Magic

You can listen to this poem here.

Let go

of the let down

Let go

of what you thought you wanted

who she is

who he is

who you are

Let the broken-hearted brokenness

sink into the earth

compost the

I am alone

I have to control it

I can handle it

Let the earthworms have it

Let it get dark, moist and messy


There are seeds

waiting to grow

You don’t know what they will bring

Kale confusion

Lettuce lovelorn

Tomato truth

This is the upside down of surrender

So scary to move away from what we know

even when all the knowing

so far has made a soup of solitary sadness behind your everyday

Let go

There is a vast green rolling hill

Walk toward it

Then pick up the pace

Feel the sun on your hair

That breeze has gone in your nostrils

Now your lungs know a new breath

Up, up, up the hill until you reach that tree

You’ll know it when you see it

The roots have a little clubhouse entry

Go ahead and rest inside

The moss is soft and just right

Take a nap

Heal your heart

When you wake

You have a chance to let go again

Wiggle your toes

Remember the breeze

Trust your heart with this new moment


Seeds are sprouting

Guess the Direction of Your Heart

You can listen to this poem here.

Guess the direction of your heart

go ahead

it is North

straight into the unknown

for it’s in the stars

where confusion spirals into mythic battles

Perseus severs Medusa’s head

it’s all snakes and despair

until you hop the moon

to Gemini

and the twins ride the rainbow

straight into your broken pieces

mending them again

so the empty missing

is filled with




and that sweet song of longing

reaching for the hand

lids down


Go ahead

it’s worth it

you’ll bounce back

like playground dodgeball

straight between the eyes

bonking your intuition

into submission

it’s called love, baby

And here is the link to the #40KindsofKindness meditation.

Finally, if you have had a rough start to the year, I am sharing how I rung in my New Year on March 1 in this video.

Rebecca’s Resources: Health, Play and Opulent Order

**This blog post is full of resources. Scroll past the context of my journey if you want to immediately access the tools.**

The Mystic Athlete Journey

My beloved readers, here’s another chance to dig into some recent resources which I have enjoyed. They are aiding my 2019 focus on Health and Play.  Many of you have read about my Mystic Athlete approach to life, including the manifesto. If you aren’t familiar, check out my new page here.

This approach has assisted in a level of daily happiness and contentment that is completely new to me. To that end, I created a Mystic Athlete Wheel to help manifest the life I want. Every couple of months, I check in with the wheel and color code whether I was able to act upon those intentions and goals. I’m still working on my draft 2019 wheel, but here is last year’s wheel. Almost every single element came into being during 2018.

Core Desired Feelings

A key element of my success has also been to use Danielle LaPorte’s Desire Map approach which helps me focus on my Core Desired Feelings on a daily basis. Quite simply, I choose how I want to feel every day and focus on that. Here’s a link to her library of Core Desired Feelings if you are interested and want some inspiration. She also has a free graphic maker here which is a fun way to keep those feelings front a center.

The most pivotal element of the process is to select how you want to feel. You don’t have to be there already. For example, soon after I gave birth to my son, I was tired all of the time. And I was sick and tired of hearing myself say that I was tired. So that year, I selected “energized” and guess what, I ran a half marathon that year.

This year my Core Desired Feelings are:

Vibrant – This speaks to my health focus this year. I have healed many sports injuries and other ailments and I am chomping at the bit to get back to many of the physical activities which I enjoy.

Devoted – I chose this so that I can really zero in on my faith and the millions of things that I want to learn.

Prosperous – I have learned to look at my money containers (bank accounts, bills, loose change) regularly and call in a level of financial and material abundance that supports me and my family in a way that is comfortable and lends itself to the lifestyle that we desire. Often this requires pooling resources – meaning fixing things, getting creative and using what we have to build want we want. I learned this approach from Lindsay Pera.

Joyous – I have developed anxiety more over the past two years than ever before in my life. Part of it is hormonal due to perimenopause, part is environmental (juggling so much on my plate), part runs in my family and part is because I am an empath and have the capacity to feel the emotions of others which at times can be debilitating if I do not block them out. My partial remedy is selecting this feeling to guide my days. See the photo at the top of this post? That is my seventh day of sickness. I spent the previous six days in bed and in the photo I had a headache and severe congestion. Do I look like it? No, I look joyous. It was my first day back to work and I decided to get dressed in that beautiful hand-me-down sweater (see pooling resources above) that my friend gave me from her amazing mom who passed away two years earlier. That day was also the birthday of one of my best friends. I decided to celebrate with joy because he is one of the greatest gifts in my life.

Sovereign – This is simply a more powerful way of stating that I am free.  Freedom is a core value for me and I want to appreciate it every day. Sometimes though, my level of responsibility at work and in my family makes me feel hemmed in, like I don’t have choices about how I spend my time. BUT I DO. And when I am orderly, organized and disciplined, I am free. I have more time and even small moments of spaciousness to take the dog on a short walk, to stretch and do my cool new foot exercises or even to sip lemon water. Cherishing and illuminating these moments truly lifts me.

NOTE: I tested these feelings during the last months of the year, like a new pair of shoes. I changed a few and kept the rest. I encourage you to take some words out for a test drive for a week and see how it feels to write them daily and/or post them in your home or have them saved as wallpaper on your phone or computer–thanks to that groovy graphic maker.


  1. The Healing Power of Naps and Rest

“Gardener” is also a key word for me in 2019. I am planting a real garden and also using the metaphor in other elements of my life. Finally, my word of the year is YIELD. Evacuating four times in four months last year due to natural disaster as well as navigating a large workload and some personal issues including my own anxiety has taught me the power of slowing down. Sometimes the best action to take is inaction. Sometimes a nap, which seems like you are not doing anything, is the best most powerful decision to make because naps and sleep are healing. I have had so much inspiration from The Nap Ministry, particularly their Instagram account. Two of my favorite recent posts are below. 

2. Taking Action with Your Genes and Your Hormones 

Dr. Sara Gottfried is a Harvard- and MIT-educated physican-scientist and certified yoga instructor. Her book Younger focuses on the area of epigenetics and how you can impact your own gene pool as it relates to Alzheimer’s, longevity, weight and more.  Her book The Hormone Cure has been revelatory for me because I was able to learn which supplements (through a simple test) support my heightened cortisol levels as well as a decline in Estrogen. As per my usual, I binged every podcast where she was interviewed and learned a ton in addition to reading the sections of her books that interest me. I encourage you to do the same.

3. Physical Alignment starts with your FEET

I have been on a pretty intense health journey with my feet from bone spur surgery for an old running (and wearing the wrong shoes) injury to daily painful plantar fasciitis. In less than two weeks of doing the foot exercises recommended by Katy Bowman of Nutritious Movement, my mobility is back and my pain has almost completely vanished. If you have back pain, shoulder or neck pain — anything mechanical, I urge you to check out her book Simple Steps to Foot Pain Relief: The New Science of Healthy Feet or check out her other books about movement. Her podcast Move Your DNA can be found her on Stitcher or here on iTunes. She is FUNNY too! Episodes 98 and 99 – “It’s all about the Base” parts 1 and 2 were game changers for me. A huge shout-out for this resource goes to my Cranio-Sacral therapist, Caitlin Lyon. She has transformed my life. She does long-distance work too!

3. Spiritual Alignment through your Closet

“Wait, what? Are you going to tell me that my spirit will be aligned if I dress better?” Actually, I’m here to share a powerful TED talk thanks to a friend and colleague who saw it live. It used to be titled, “Change Your Pants, Change Your Life.” But now it seems to be renamed “Dressing for Confidence and Joy,” by Stasia Savasuk which focuses on inside out congruence. I have had a post-it on my fridge with the word “congruence” for nine months. Trust me, this video is worth your time:

4. The Power of Play

I had the pleasure of meeting Gary Ware of Breakthrough Play last year at The World Domination Summit. Gary is an expert on play and how it can help you experience the life you want at home and at work and to solve problems differently. I had a virtual play break with him over video about six months ago and it has positively impacted my work and personal life. I truly enjoyed this interview on The Power and Potential Podcast. You can also listen on Spotify and iTunes – it is episode #8. One of the most powerful takeaways from the interview was the idea of creating a PLAY LIST – not music, but things that you play. I realized while helping my son with a Mesopotamian weaving project (yarn and cardboard) that I loved touching the yarn and seeing a project completed. So I picked up a loom and started making a hat. I don’t know what I am doing and I love doing it. I also began brainstorming a play list with one of my best friends and it includes dancing, singing, gardening, boogie boarding, basketball and more. [Shameless plug: My greatest play role model is South the Chihuahua – follow him on IG here.] What might be on your list? You may also enjoy this 7-minute Play meditation which I created to get you in the frame of mind to remember what you enjoy playing if you don’t have a list that springs to mind immediately.

5. Order is Opulent

This year as I began drafting my Mystic Athlete Wheel, the following phrase came forth and felt really good: ORDER IS OPULENT. So many people feel like material wealth is out of their reach, and for now, it may be. But order in your life, is within your reach. You read about the links that I made between order and discipline creating spaciousness for freedom. I have made a concerted effort over the last year to get my home in order, thanks in large part to my husband who is naturally wired this way. (Read 90% of the credit goes to him.) I have found is that I can learn from the way he keeps things in their place. I know this may sound elementary to a portion of my readers, however, I also know that there’s a huge population of people with junk drawers, messy closets, overflowing mail and papers and stacks of books they no longer want or need. With a focus on my health and play, I need order in my life — and that includes digital order of my files and photos. So my intention is to schedule time to address my closet, my drawers and so on. Many folks know about Marie Kondo and I just started watching her new show on Netflix last night. There is a lot for any of us to learn in that department. The two planners which I am currently using to help me prioritize and move forward this year are The Desire Map Weekly Planner and the High Performance Planner.

Bottom line: When I have order in my life, I don’t squander time and energy. Time is a precious resource. When I have increased free time, I feel rich, affluent, opulent!

I may keep you posted on how this kind of order is supporting my daily life and my dreams.  And speaking of dreams, I have made a big decision related to the sequel to The Amazing Adventures of Selma Calderon: A Globetrotting Magical Mystery of Courage, Food and Friendship.  I am publishing the book in 2020. My original intention was to have it ready for you this calendar year. However in deep reflection and with the help of one of my best friends, I was able to narrow my focus to Health and Play. (I really enjoy capitalizing those two words!) I have granted my hard-driving action-oriented self permission to continue transcribing my notebooks, writing the missing sections and editing my book this year delivering the final product in your hands during the following year. This is all part of my SOVEREIGNTY which I outlined above.

If you are digging these resources and my approach to life and you are looking for support in the form of two 90-minute sessions – meaning no long-term commitment, check out my WORK WITH ME page.

With that I bid you, phew and adieu! I am sending you love as you continue your journey into the year.

Clean the Lint Screen of Your Heart

Hello there,

Do you like cleaning the lint screen in the dryer? I love it. It is liking wiping the slate clean every single time. I recorded the Broadcast from the Beach below for you and though I don’t talk about lint, it is a journey in starting fresh.

Grab a cup of tea, coffee or hot chocolate or a glass of something delicious — even water, and join me for 10 minutes as we explore:

  1. How to release the hard stuff from the past year. I used a powerful tool from Maya Shaw Gale.
  2. A concrete way to release grief from your body. I also found this helpful article about grief and the physical body by from What’s Your Grief by two mental health professionals.
  3. How to find the gifts in the trials and thoughts on rewiring the brain to encourage you to be more kind, gentle and forgiving of yourself.
  4. Picking a theme or word and figuring out how you would like to feel in 2019. I reference Danielle LaPorte’s Desire Map approach of selecting your Core Desired Feelings. There is also a free graphic maker which allows you to create a printable version as well as wallpaper for your phone and computer.

I hope this video helps you say goodbye to what no longer serves you and provides comfort and love as you move into next year. If you would like additional support, there are some free meditations and poems on my Soundcloud page.

May you wrap up 2018 with the knowledge that you are divinely directed and protected.  Trust in the journey! The world needs you!

You are so lovable


You are so lovable

As I sit here in the dark of morning

Please remember

Whatever you didn’t get done

doesn’t matter

what matters is that you woke up today

breath in lungs

with the sweet truth that

you matter

we need you

and still

we need you to take it easy

hone your skills in


love the “no” as we move into

can you

will you

you’re invited

say yes to quiet



“Is this what I really want?”

see a tree

really see a tree

and wonder

how it keeps going

roots down drinking

even sometimes bumping up sidewalks

in the name of growth

leaves change, shed and hide

waiting for a season to call them forth

take it easy now

wait for your season

time for the wintering

and the remembering


Get ready: Peace in your heart, mind, body + spirit

Hello My Loves!

I am so happy and excited to share a number of resources that have been lifting me up lately. For the first time, I feel the deepest peace in my heart in every aspect of my life.  Do I still have concerns? Yes. Do I struggle with confidence and self-doubt? Yes. And at the base, under all of it, I finally get that I am divinely directed and protected.

My Mystic Athlete journey has helped me along the way. You can read about that here and here.  Throughout the process, I have encountered some bright lights.

Perhaps you are in the same peaceful space in your heart. If yes, hoorah! If no, I promise that it is possible. To that end, here are some resources and amazing humans to inspire you.

RESOURCE #1 – Free 5-Day Body Confidence Course

First, I invite you to join me on a free five-day journey called “The Confidence Code” focused on body confidence by Strength and nutrition coach and truthteller, Chrissy King.

Sign up for The Confidence Code which starts September 3 here. You can learn more about Chrissy here and follow her on Instagram here.  I am not an affiliate in any way–just an excited participant! Chrissy kindly agreed to answer three intuitive questions which I sent to her. Enjoy her thoughtful answers.

What does having body confidence bring into your life? As someone who spent years of my life obsessing about the way my body looks, I know how much it drains you energetically. When I was spending all of my time hyper focused on how I looked and connecting that with worth, I didn’t have any energy left to create magic in the world.  I couldn’t think of the life that I actually wanted to create for myself because my dislike of my body wreaked turmoil on my mental health.

When I let go of the notion that my worthiness was derived from my external appearance, I found the freedom and liberation to fall in love with me.  It was only then that I developed the ability to feel confident in my skin and to step into my power.  I knew I was worthy to #TakeUpSpace.
What would you say to people who believe they don’t have time to prioritize fitness and their health? I think we prioritize whatever is important to us.  Prioritizing your health and fitness doesn’t mean spending hours in the gym or on meal prep.  It can mean choosing to take a 15 or 20 minute walk three days a week, taking the stairs instead of the elevator, or choosing to drink more water each day.  Oftentimes, the fitness industry makes people feel like we have to take an all or nothing approach to our health, and that’s simply not true or practical.  Small, incremental actions add up and making choices that help us to feel more nourished, energized, and whole don’t have to be drastic to be beneficial.
What are some small, concrete incremental steps that readers can take to increase their body confidence? While body confidence is a process, I think there are some small, concrete steps that anyone can implement in their day to day lives.

1) Resist the urge to make disparaging comments about your body.  Seek for body neutrality as a first step.

2) Embrace the things that you love about yourself and be unapologetic about it.  It’s okay to say that you love your smile or your hair or how great a writer you are.  Own those things unapologetically.

3) Take a social media break and/or unfollow accounts who make you feel bad yourself or like you need to ‘change’ or ‘fix’ something.

RESOURCE #2 – A Powerful Approach to Language
Dani Katz’s book, The New P* Handbook: Little Language Hacks for Big Change as well as her wealth of resources on her website and Instagram.  I have only just started the book and already feel an impact. Her approach to quantum languaging helps you use high frequency words to elevate your life. Yup.

RESOURCE #3 – Naps. 

The Nap Ministry – check them out on Instagram or Facebook.  And here’s a recent article about their work. As you know, I am a huge fan of naps. In fact, a major part of my Sunday, in addition to my super groovy church, was built around a luxurious nap.
RESOURCE #4 – A Magical Dog

south_the_chihuahua — you can follow him here.

A certain person whom I love dearly is managing this account. As one of my followers put it, “I’m happy to follow cute dogs! The posts make my day brighter!” If you would like some furry light in your life, please do follow @south_the_chihuahua

RESOURCE #5 – You are loved meditation

I recorded this 8 minute 48 second “You are loved” meditation while standing under the moonlight in the Pacific Ocean. It’s in a Dropbox link so that you can download it to a playlist and listen even when offline. Additional meditations and poems can be found on my Soundcloud page. (Photo by Eric Witsoe in Poznan, Poland on Unsplash)

And remember to follow me on Instagram @beamysticathletetv.

I wish you continued inspiration, joy and peace in that bold beautiful heart of yours!



Thank you and Happy 3rd Birthday to Selma!

Thank you my wonderful readers for all of the support throughout the last three years since The Amazing Adventures of Selma Calderón was published on 8/8!

In honor of the book’s 3rd birthday, I wanted to invite you to join me in doing three things this week:

1. Please share the book with someone who might enjoy it! Here’s a link:

3. Offer a gesture of kindness to someone to sprinkle some magic into their day!

Let me know how your celebration goes in the comments!

And if you want to listen to the first couple chapters of Selma, click here and here.

And my website, radio interview, Huff Post article and documentary are fun ways to connect to the story as well.

I have about 75% of the sequel [hand]written! And thanks to Canadian Author Sarah Selecky’s Six Weeks, Six Senses free writing opportunity, I am reenergized to finish the book by January 31, 2019!

I hope you continue to find magic in the pages of Selma and in your everyday life. Look for it in the tiny details! Cucalacas!



Easy steps for healing + cultivating your own magic

I have been wanting to write to you for some time. You may have caught my post about the Mystic Athlete manifesto and the decision to commit to 80 days of any one of the following:

Movement of the Body

Intentional Rest

Handwritten note to someone

Well, today is day 78 of 80.

And it’s remarkable that I stuck with it. What I’m learning when called to do something like this, is to listen and take action.

The Mystic Athlete manifesto I “downloaded” and created about 18 months ago is below.

I pledge to:

1. Love up every curve; Wonder at, and embrace my gorgeous belly.

2. Delight in the delicious; Let a healthy bit of hedonism heal with sensual Mystic pleasure.

3. Cultivate my warrior.

4. Quiet the spirit when the soul is calling.

5. Draw, write and create a life full of color.

6. Dance under wild lights.

7. Listen to my intuitive body and train with all my Mystic power, including relishing rest.

8. Invite and embrace affluence in all its forms.

9. Trust in the journey including the divine detours.

10. Allow, allow and keep allowing – begin a love affair with the act of not knowing.

If you’re still wondering what being a Mystic Athlete means, basically, it’s a magical bad-ass.

But what does that mean?

The short answer is that a Mystic Athlete uses intuition and magic to thrive in everyday life.

When you thrive, you heal. When you heal, it contributes to the greater good – or what my fellow mystics call, “the collective.”

All of us have intuition. Some of us trust it more than others. And in my case, I can see and read things in people and signs. This helps in business, my personal life and with clients.

One client recently commented, “You have such a matter of fact way of saying things to me which are caring and yet also push me to do the things I want and need to do.”

That’s what I hope my writing will do for you. Or even the idea of being a Mystic Athlete or your own kind of magical being.

I can see some of my more practical readers (who love me), thinking, “Um, Rebecca, I do not aspire to be a unicorn.”

I know. And to that end, I have a new gift for you. Have you heard of Ryan Holiday? He spoke at the World Domination Summit which I attended last month in Portland. (It’s a conference of world-changers focused on adventure, service and community.)

Ryan Holiday, among other things, focuses on the work of the stoics. Think Aristotle, Plato and Marcus Aurelius. You can find lots of interviews with him online.

What’s interesting about his work to me in all my mystic wonder, is that everything so far seems based on reason. It’s been a wonderful counterbalance to my powerful emotions and intuition. It doesn’t mean that I stop following my intuition. It almost gives me a boost, an extra secret (unexpected) tool as I navigate the—at times—harrowing world of what it is to love so much.

I have been heartbroken these last months by the hardship of a family member, the illness of dear friends and family members, the act of the U.S. government treating children like animals and keeping them in cages apart from their families and the continued ingrained racism in America as evidenced (yet again) by the lack of reporting of the murder of Nia Long last weekend.

So what can I do to:

Make people well

Free the children

Create racial equity and social justice

While still:

Working full-time to support my family

Raising my son

Nurturing my marriage

Taking care of myself

Cleaning (or pretending to clean) my bathroom

Paying my bills

If there is one thing that being evacuated four times in four months taught me, it is:

You can’t control anything. Give up on trying.

So then what?



So with this dear reader, I am sharing what I am doing in this world to heal it and myself:

1. Practicing silence and reason: I actually keep my mouth shut and count silently in my head before responding to many people and situations. This helps with the act of “non-reactivity.” And it is so renewing. It’s an energy management tool that is now an essential part of taking care of my health.

2. Writing: I am working on the sequel to The Amazing Adventures of Selma Calderon with a new sense of personal adventure and commitment. And I know this book will create joy and healing in the world.

3. Laughing: it’s quite simple, really.

4. Allowing: My download for that big eclipse last year — which was reaffirmed during the eclipse this week was “Allow, allow and keep allowing.” Basically, get out of the way. Let people be themselves and stop trying to manage everything. I fail at this every single day and yet I still show up and create a new chance for that space every day.

5. Trusting my own magic: I pull oracle cards, meditate in my backyard and artist studio, connect with fellow mystics and friends, and learn more and more every day just by listening deeply.

There’s more, but that’s enough for now. Thanks for hanging out with me for a bit. I invite you to reflect on what your daily endeavors can do to heal you and help the world. Daily gratitude, picking up litter, charitable donations, calling a friend in need or even taking a nap can all be radical acts of courage.

If you want help with clarifying your dreams and taking action steps to support those dreams, or if you would like a short consult session with oracle or tarot pulls, check out my “Work with me” page and send me an email at

Leap with me. If we fall, we can get back up and try again.

With love,


A magic moment in my inner sanctum

Welcome to the inside of a quiet moment on Sunday morning. I was about to write in my journal when I got a strong call to write to you as I was integrating the meaning of the cards I pulled this morning from the The Mystics Oracle Deck. This isn’t a post only about Gratitude, Mysticism and the Collective, but rather a bow to how humbling it can be to live in this world. And perhaps, it shall be a call to use our gifts to expand into the light that is our birthright.

Here is the magic I wish to share:

  1. You can use gratitude as medicine. Yesterday, as I was hanging laundry for a trip which begins at 2:45am on Monday morning when I had only returned less than 24 hours prior, I felt a sadness run through my body. It was the sadness of leaving combined with fatigue. Instead of fighting it, I paused and let myself feel it. Without consciously shifting out of it, I noticed where it landed in my body. Then I talked to it. And I said, “Yes, I am sad about leaving my husband and son.” And then I thought about where I was going.  I have an affection for the state, and remembered some of the people that I am going to see. One of them is a dear friend. I happen to work with her. I smiled, this I could feel in my heart–it was actually smiling. I get paid to work with someone I love.  And then I thought about several of the other people and realized how I was looking forward to seeing them and laughing with them.  This is the re-frame. It is not shoving down my sadness with gratitude. It is objectively looking at all of it together in one bowl. For more on navigating conflicting emotions, read this post.
  2. Magic is accessible to everyone. Today is Pentecost Sunday. Despite the fact that I was raised Catholic, I wasn’t sure what that meant. So I went to my new Episcopal church’s newsletter and clicked on a link where someone told the story behind today’s celebration. Bottom line, the apostles were touched by the Holy Spirit and able to speak in a language or languages understood by all of the diverse cultures in Jerusalem. Magic is like that. When you approach the world with an open heart, there is a translation of your spirit into a universal love. Staying grounded in that love is one of the most powerful tools for thriving. And I promise you that everyday magic will spring forward in some of the most unexpected ways.
  3. Boundaries and “no thank you” are the peaceful warriors best allies. Warrior and peace may not seem to go together. However, there’s a force, strength and energy which I find essential to living in the world and navigating immense amounts of pain–my own and that of others. At the same time, there is an art to yielding and allowing what is, to just be. For example, I know that I cannot heal the wound of racism in the U.S., but I can extend kindness equally. And I can speak out in the very moment of witnessing discrimination. I am also incredibly careful about who sits in my inner circle. It’s not about exclusivity, it’s about the boundaries of my heart. It may be open, but there are sentinels guarding the gates. And those individuals are my dearest friends and family. And the sentinels, much like at Buckingham Palace (that’s right, I found a Royal Wedding link), rotate on and off duty as I do for them. There is a space between me and some of my dearest friends right now. It varies whether the space was carved by me or the other or both. I don’t over analyze it. I just allow it to be. That is the yielding required by the peaceful warrior. For when you allow for spaciousness, there is room for growth.  For more on this topic, read Shine the Pot: When to Let Go of Friends (and Family).

That’s all for now. I’m off to church. I am wishing you great happiness today and every day. And when there is despair, talk to it. Allow it. And then go into your medicine bag and find what works for you. Nature takes up a lot of real estate in my bag. Here’s a film I made in the first week of my Mystic Athlete, 80 days of Notes and the Body movement. It includes some of the most beautiful trees I have seen in a while. It also includes the funny story of me running to a plane with my shoes off and the magic of landing in my favorite number over and over and over. To learn more about the Mystic Athlete, visit the previous post.